The Emotional Poem

I was just winding down from a long day at work when I ran accross a girl who has a problem with writer’s block.  Since I’ve been really into writing lately the topic caught my attention.  I decided to share it since I’ve been trying to share my writing lately.  


They don’t lie, they don’t speak
Listening won’t help you
Details lost in the translation
Will leave you wrongly informed
If you want to understand
Consider listening to the song
The song will sing the truth
To those with open minds
The truth does not need to lie
To those who listen
But those who listen
Would have prefered the lie

Why I support GERs

GER – General Education Requirements

If you’re going for a specific field of study than you may be upset with haing to take classes unrelated to your study.  Why do you have to take math and science as an art major, and why do you have to take art, and english if you’re a math major?

Kids pushed through the system, and those who chose a major just because they had to may find what they acually enjoy by taking these classes.

*Assume you already know what you want to do.  Ok, english classes make your writing look nicer, and make you look smarter than those who haven’t taken those classes seriously.  It’ll give you an advantage.

Science classes will teach you how to study, and that you can take art as a science, and how guidelines can be used to make the immaginative part of your art more enhanced.

As a science major I can edit my own book, and structure it.  Sure, another eye to scan through everything to check grammar and spelling is great and all, but it is a second pair of eyes rather than a first.

Trying to Date

So sex is a big deal.  People crave it, they want it, and they need it.  It can be a powerful feeling, and perhaps even great enough to be worth living for.  People give up their friends for a girl, they leave how, they spend al their money, ect.

It still hard for me to consider talking to a girl just with just the intent to fuck her, and then go on with my life.  I know what people are thinking, and doing when they do this to someone else, but I forget what they are not thinking about.  What they’re not considering.

Killing for money I understand, screwing someone over to raise yourself up high I understand. (understand =/= condone.)

But. for a feeling? No.

Using someone else to gain a feeling when there’s so many other way to gain a “feeling.”

I guess this is basically just the ramblings of someone who was raised being taught that friends are a waste of time:

*They are distractions that waste your time that could be better spent bettering yourself.

*They are a waste of money- going out/movies/videogames/ect

*They create destabalizing emotions that distract your focus and direction.


But why live if you don’t feel anything?  Why bother to be the best if you’re alone?

Obviously you need a balance between the two to be both successful and happy.


When trying to date someone you are expecting more from them than just a friend.  It’s hard to just “let it happen” when you’re used to pushing out those emotions.

I have as many friends as I want, and I can gain more easily, but when it comes to trying to date … someone… they’re gone by the time my thoughts disperse.

Hiring Contractors vs. Full Time Employees

Contract workers are cheaper than full time employees, and generally for the main reasons:

*Don’t have to give them insurance

*Cheaper Wages

*No sick leave / Holidays / Vacation

But Contractors also cost more in certain ways:

*Training – You have to train all of your new employees, and if training takes 2-3 months you are offset when it comes to work during this time period.  Don’t forget about the employees who are lazier, and those that you decide not to keep.

*Constant push to find work elsewhere – the better the employee you hire is, the more likely they will not settle with a contract period.  Unless they have issues that they’re trying to solve they will be pushed to find work elsewhere that isn’t “temporary.”

*Culture – You’re telling your contractors that they didn’t work hard enough to get hired on.  You’re paying them less than your full time employees, and you’re not giving them the same perks, benefits, ect.  And yet you expect them to work harder.

*Overtime pay to make up for the loss in production during times when you have too many new people re-training.

*Ideas – when there’s a way to make things more efficient, and even if the contractor really wants to share the idea they might decide not to.  Other people get the credit / More efficient means they don’t have to be given full hours / Why go to the effort when you should be using your effort towards your long term goals. (The job is saying via the contract-ness that they aren’t going to be in your long term goals.)

The Avengers as a Feminist Movie

The Avengers, when it first came out, was acclaimed as a feminist movie.

*Black widow does not have any superhuman powers, but is able to hold her own and participate in large battles.

I disagree.  This movie is saying that women are not as powerful as men, and if they try their hardest then they are able to hold their own rather than being equals.

*She is not given powers: she is portrayed as weaker than the rest.

There are those that argue: “Oh, but her powers aren’t augmented, and she still holds her own:

*Oh, the only one whose powers aren’t augmented.  The only one.  Are you saying women are just born weaker?  And as they train they can’t become strong like Iron Man’s suit?

*She is the only female fighter: She has to work harder & train harder to gain the right to play with the boys.  

*She doesn’t participate in any of the major battles, and the fight that she is in portrays her as only being able to run away from the hulk.  How is she their equal if she has to run away. Thor would not have had to run away, and Iron man would not have ran away.  Fine, they’re superhuman and could manage for that reason alone.  But why give so much screenplay to show the only leading female running away?

**The Black Widow may be consider simply a female version of Hawkeye.  In that respect she is very similar, and just more close comat than Hawkeye’s distance fighting.  She follows the commands of the men (to get the Hulk to join the team), she has to runaway from the *real* battles, and she’s the only female.

*If she wasn’t as strong as she was she wouldn’t be able to play with the boys, and instead would be left at home like the girl in the spacecraft who answers the phone calls.  To me it still appears as though she was included to be eye candy.

The Crashed Motorcyclist

In an Ethics class my professor sometimes made judgement calls that I found to be quite particular.  I didn’t challange him because he was so determined when he said what he said, and I didn’t feel like having an argument with him in front of the whole class.

A motorcyclist crashes in the middle of nowhere, and is rushed to the ER.  At the ER they are able to treat his wounds, and he is expected to have no long lasting injuries.  However, there are five patients in the hospital who are going to die soon if they are not given organ transplants.  The doctors have to make a choice of whether they are going to take this one motorcyclist’s life in order to save the five patients.

We are going to assume:

*The motorcyclist does not consent

*The nurses/doctor are not going to be caught and will face no legal action if they perform this task

*To make the choice “tougher” you can place those five people as upstanding citizens such as doctors, lawyers, police men, ect.

*The motorcyclist is a lone ranger, and no one will notice his leaving

My teacher stated that because the motorcyclist does not consent, that we know that this is not the right choice to make, and therefore would be immoral.

I feel as though this choice was made on gut feelings, and that it does not take enough logic into account.  Gut feelings are ones that involve rushed impulses, and when dealing with lives it is a requirement to think about more than just your first instinct.

*By taking away a life to give to another you would be breaking the trust of the doctor.  Losing the trust is worse than losing three lives.  It would prevent people from going to the doctor for treatment.  The trust would be lost, and emotions/ect ensued.  -// An argument of this type needs to remember the assumption that no one would ever find out, and the motorcyclist would not be missed.  Therefore, no one can lose trust in the doctor. (Similar to how someone can love a serial killer if they don’t know he is running around killing people.)

My line drawn at three lives.  Here’s why:

*One life would be simply trading, and the motorcyclist is allowed to live like the doctor or whoever else, and therefore their lives would be considered equal.  It’s not enough to relocate rescources.

*Two lives is similar.  The doctors would be saving two lives at the cost of one.  Taking away consent, and basically stealing the man’s life from him raises what his life is worth- to me at least.  Two lives would be a tough call, and if they have families that would miss them it might be worth considering.  One of those not really sure it’s worth it, but you’d do it anyway type of things.

Five lives?  Well, if we as a culture did agree to something along these lines people would scared to death of going to the hospital and some rich guy trying to buy off the doctors to save them black-market style.

And now I’m lost in thought and talking to myself again.  If anyone bothers to read this feel free to answer: would you give up your life if you were going to save five?

Naruto’s World Without Pain

In Naruto the enemy is tryint to use the ten tailed beast to create a genjutsu(sp.?) that takes control over the minds of everyone and places them in a world that is constructed by the person who cast the genjutsu.

Honestly many would believe based on my other posts that I would be for this, and I’m not against it for the same reasons that naruto and his friends are.  I’m against it for reasons that are not brought up in the show.

*It’s basically going to end up killing off the entire race of humans due to starvation.

But, ok, that aside let us consider why naruto is going to be against it from his viewpoint:

*Loss of choice.  If you are given the option to either live happily, or with the knowledge of what is going on, I would argue that most people are going to chose to know.  Curiousity and all of that.  The problem is being forced into the situation, and not willing to let someone else make the decisions for you.

Now if this reasoning is pushed onto the idea of a ruler taking over another country and completely changing their way of living. The data concerning people’s overal lives will be invalid for the first few generations because they will have an overwhelming feeling of forced change that will stain the data to a degree.

*Why take over the country rather than taking a group of volunteers and building a country from scratch.  *I am going to assume that the only difference is forcing the people to participate.*

Obviously the more moral neutral choice is going to be asking the people to participate.  Unfortunately there can be reasons to chose force.  Punishing the people may be your right.  I’m going to just stop here.  I may come back to it later…