Broken Chains

So I’m asked a lot to describe the book that I’m writing. I figure I will write it down here in detail so that I don’t have to sigh, and try to describe it in ordered detail.  Giving a quick summary of my book can be a little difficult, especially since it’s not even finished yet!

It is a fantasy book about money, power, and autonomy.

The main character is given an opportunity.  He is given a job – do everything and anything his boss instructs him to do for the rest of his life.  In exchange the main character is given power.  In theory he can do anything with this power.  His boss is not a nice person, and the main character becomes complacent in doing what he is instructed to do.  He not only kills millions of people, but he enslaves them, and takes control of their mind.

His boss has the usual limited lifespan – but only because he only wants to live long enough to see his work completed.  Sadly the main character would have been willing to put up with an infinite time with this power in the limited hope that he could hold onto it.  He feels as though he needs to earn this power, and does what he is instructed to do not only because he has to do it, but because he agreed he would do it in exchange for a payment already recieved.

Over time the main character becomes a little insane, and near the end becomes a monster who he specifically wanted to avoid becoming.


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