Religion is a very strong topic for most people.  It is almost taboo to bring it up because everyone has their own viewpoint on it, and they aren’t looking to have their viewpoints questioned.  Questioning someone’s religion is like questioning their loyalty to everything that they love.

Religion is very strong, and if I had the choice to wipe it from it’s standing I wouldn’t dare.  Religion is something that a person can hold onto when they are weak.  It can be used to make yourself strong, it can give you a reason to live, to hope, to breath.  If necessessary religion gives people a reason to be nice.  If you hurt someone in a way you know you’ll get away with it, then the big bad wolf will punish you.  If he doesn’t punish you now, he might do it later, and he might even do it after you’ve died.

Let’s throw the big brother senario into the mix, and let’s not pretend that this is something that hasn’t been done before.  Religion combines the masses to follow your cause.

*Play along with the gods, and say that they are the ones who put you in power.  This way they can’t refute your claims, because if they do so they are questioning the decisions of their all powerful merciful god.

*Many gods allows the people to chose one over the other, and that’s more of a spread type of religion.  Cities will chose seperate gods, but a single city with a single ruler should only have one.  “My god,” which doesn’t specify that there is only exacly one out there, but that a single god has chosen to watch over you, and that you belong to him.  He owns you.

*What is quite unfortunate is that many religions take the stance that if you turn your back on your god that you lose everything.  Killing someone is redeemable, rape, murder, incest, whatever crime you decide is a crime.  Those are all redeemable, but challenging your god is not. The perfect religion might have a better answer, but we are talking about uniting he masses here.  “Trust in me and you will be saved…” The idea is to imply that you will either follow along, or that you will be left out.  Only save the ones who ask to be saved.


*Religion is a “dumbing” tactic.  Don’t get offended, I’m not implying anything about religion, but rather suggesting it can be used as a tactic.  For example: “*Using religion as a weapon to keep the masses in line by ignorance to how they would otherwise see the world.  Changing facts about how to teach a religion to better fit your goals.

**~**The government in my book does not instal a government supported religion.  Above are all of the reasons why they could or should, but there are two reasons why I wouldn’t even try.  Each reason is good enough in its own, and a second just cements a reason to not support a single religion over the others.

1.  With eternal life the people are bound to question eventually, and why take the time to set up a system that you expect is going to fail.  Unless the people were rotated out (due to lifespans) I don’t see much to gain from trying to lie.  Instead there’s standing to lose.

2. I lied.  That’s pretty much the only reason.


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