Naruto’s World Without Pain

In Naruto the enemy is tryint to use the ten tailed beast to create a genjutsu(sp.?) that takes control over the minds of everyone and places them in a world that is constructed by the person who cast the genjutsu.

Honestly many would believe based on my other posts that I would be for this, and I’m not against it for the same reasons that naruto and his friends are.  I’m against it for reasons that are not brought up in the show.

*It’s basically going to end up killing off the entire race of humans due to starvation.

But, ok, that aside let us consider why naruto is going to be against it from his viewpoint:

*Loss of choice.  If you are given the option to either live happily, or with the knowledge of what is going on, I would argue that most people are going to chose to know.  Curiousity and all of that.  The problem is being forced into the situation, and not willing to let someone else make the decisions for you.

Now if this reasoning is pushed onto the idea of a ruler taking over another country and completely changing their way of living. The data concerning people’s overal lives will be invalid for the first few generations because they will have an overwhelming feeling of forced change that will stain the data to a degree.

*Why take over the country rather than taking a group of volunteers and building a country from scratch.  *I am going to assume that the only difference is forcing the people to participate.*

Obviously the more moral neutral choice is going to be asking the people to participate.  Unfortunately there can be reasons to chose force.  Punishing the people may be your right.  I’m going to just stop here.  I may come back to it later…


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