The Avengers as a Feminist Movie

The Avengers, when it first came out, was acclaimed as a feminist movie.

*Black widow does not have any superhuman powers, but is able to hold her own and participate in large battles.

I disagree.  This movie is saying that women are not as powerful as men, and if they try their hardest then they are able to hold their own rather than being equals.

*She is not given powers: she is portrayed as weaker than the rest.

There are those that argue: “Oh, but her powers aren’t augmented, and she still holds her own:

*Oh, the only one whose powers aren’t augmented.  The only one.  Are you saying women are just born weaker?  And as they train they can’t become strong like Iron Man’s suit?

*She is the only female fighter: She has to work harder & train harder to gain the right to play with the boys.  

*She doesn’t participate in any of the major battles, and the fight that she is in portrays her as only being able to run away from the hulk.  How is she their equal if she has to run away. Thor would not have had to run away, and Iron man would not have ran away.  Fine, they’re superhuman and could manage for that reason alone.  But why give so much screenplay to show the only leading female running away?

**The Black Widow may be consider simply a female version of Hawkeye.  In that respect she is very similar, and just more close comat than Hawkeye’s distance fighting.  She follows the commands of the men (to get the Hulk to join the team), she has to runaway from the *real* battles, and she’s the only female.

*If she wasn’t as strong as she was she wouldn’t be able to play with the boys, and instead would be left at home like the girl in the spacecraft who answers the phone calls.  To me it still appears as though she was included to be eye candy.


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