Trying to Date

So sex is a big deal.  People crave it, they want it, and they need it.  It can be a powerful feeling, and perhaps even great enough to be worth living for.  People give up their friends for a girl, they leave how, they spend al their money, ect.

It still hard for me to consider talking to a girl just with just the intent to fuck her, and then go on with my life.  I know what people are thinking, and doing when they do this to someone else, but I forget what they are not thinking about.  What they’re not considering.

Killing for money I understand, screwing someone over to raise yourself up high I understand. (understand =/= condone.)

But. for a feeling? No.

Using someone else to gain a feeling when there’s so many other way to gain a “feeling.”

I guess this is basically just the ramblings of someone who was raised being taught that friends are a waste of time:

*They are distractions that waste your time that could be better spent bettering yourself.

*They are a waste of money- going out/movies/videogames/ect

*They create destabalizing emotions that distract your focus and direction.


But why live if you don’t feel anything?  Why bother to be the best if you’re alone?

Obviously you need a balance between the two to be both successful and happy.


When trying to date someone you are expecting more from them than just a friend.  It’s hard to just “let it happen” when you’re used to pushing out those emotions.

I have as many friends as I want, and I can gain more easily, but when it comes to trying to date … someone… they’re gone by the time my thoughts disperse.


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