Why I support GERs

GER – General Education Requirements

If you’re going for a specific field of study than you may be upset with haing to take classes unrelated to your study.  Why do you have to take math and science as an art major, and why do you have to take art, and english if you’re a math major?

Kids pushed through the system, and those who chose a major just because they had to may find what they acually enjoy by taking these classes.

*Assume you already know what you want to do.  Ok, english classes make your writing look nicer, and make you look smarter than those who haven’t taken those classes seriously.  It’ll give you an advantage.

Science classes will teach you how to study, and that you can take art as a science, and how guidelines can be used to make the immaginative part of your art more enhanced.

As a science major I can edit my own book, and structure it.  Sure, another eye to scan through everything to check grammar and spelling is great and all, but it is a second pair of eyes rather than a first.


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