Heathen/Hellbound and The Colbert Report

I was watching The Colbert Report today, and he randomly asked the guest what his religion was because he had ‘declined to answer.’  “Are you Catholic, Athiest, Agnostic?” he asked.

The guest gave a smile that may indicates that Colbert?(I think his name is) found the answer.  “Well, you know, Agnostic is the same as Athiest without balls.”

I know that the Colbert Report is full of jokes, and this joke I could let slide.  It kindof pokes fun at politicians saying that they are hiding facts and hiding behind Agnosticism. Opposed to knowledgeable Agnostics who know the facts and have decided that making a choice is not necessary.  I find myself to be quite aligned towards Agnosticism – if a God really did create this planet, and hid all of our memories from us, and then on top of that is not here to answer questions.  That’s enough for me to decide that he wants me to focus on learning, growing, and gaining this experience rather than focusing my life on studying the facts that are not as pronounced.

Now – on the Colbert Report they make another joke, but this joke I found to be ignorant, and not ignorant only because it is an ignorant joke, but also because it follows all other ‘christian led’ public beliefs.  I even pulled back up the show to get this line right.

“So you continue not to specify your response, well I’ll just put you down for Heathen/Hellbound.”  Great, congrats.  The opposite of religious is Heathen.  Heathen is a derogatory term used to indicate that paganism, and other earthly religions are uncivilized, and not as advanced as Christianity.  The term works as desired, and those that are not aware would find this to be quite amusing.  You can go into a pretty good depth concerning jokes being funny unless they’re about you, and that might be a good point.  I don’t feel like writing about that, and if anyone decides to feel free to show it to me to read.

I am Agnostic, I am Christian, and I am Pagan.

Pagan and Christianity do not interfere because although Pagans believe in many (G)ods, Christianity for me has not said that there is only one God.  Instead it indicates that although there are multiple, God wants to be the only one worshiped, and becomes envious if another is worshiped in his place.  He wants to be the only one recognized.  The Christian God is the one that has chosen us, and is the one that is involved comapred to the others which likely stopped being involved, or chased off, long ago.

I mentioned how by Agnostic I feel as though there is no need to worry and focus on the details because that’s not the main focus in my life. Religion and Christianity is there if you need it, but if you don’t it isn’t that big of a deal.

“Oh, but if you don’t go to church/ be involved you’re going to hell.”

What is hell?  By which religion?  The worst hell I’ve had described to me (note my Agnostic tendancies when it comes to what I come accross) is that it is exactly the same as heaven but without God’s immortal presence.  If you’re not interested in being around God in the first place than why do you care if he comes to your tea party?  I also believe that if we are going to live immortal lives there’s going to be opportunities to “ascend” to heaven if that’s what you desire.

*I finished the episode, didn’t get too upset, but when people say that there’s so accepting of so many things and then throw that kind of ignorance in my face I just have to stare.  Really? You really think you’re an accepting person and you just used that word?  It’s more of an insult to call me a heathen than stupid, bastard, ignorant, or ect. because you’re insulting a way of life that I believe is better, more enjoyable, and more self-sustaining.


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