The Name That You Do Not Have to Remember

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You don’t have to remember any names. They are there for you.  You know that if you forget a name you can look it up.  It is there for you incase you forget it.  Just think: Do you know any phone numbers? Of course not, you don’t even look at them.  Unless you go out of your way to remember someones name you don’t have to.  If you forget you don’t even have to ask, you don’t have to be embarrased.  You can always look it up.. The fact that you can remember will always make you comfortable enough to not feel the pressure to remember.

Just ask yourself: Do you know the names of your co-workers, do you know the name of the guy who you always buy your groceries from, or the name of your faovrite bartender.  You can’t blame soceity.  You know the faults of the time that you are in, and  you should take the time to know the faults.  I challange you.  If you do know their names than say them.  Comment.  Who is important to you, who isn’t important, but is still involved enough to warrant remembering their name.  who have you me enough times to where you should at least know their names.  Who do you want to at least remember.

Last time I went to Burger King I got free fries because he knew me, but I don’t know his name, but I should.  What name do you want to never forget?


The Use Of Commas In Writing

I took many english classes, and I know the proper structure of comma use from that.  However, knowing the correct use of commas appears to draw them out, and it creates a pause for me that is not always desired in a sentence even if it should be there.

This made me think: Perhaps the use of commas can be used better than just following the rules. (Or maybe I’m just a novice trying things out.)

The use of a comma creates a pause, and if I don’t want the pause I won’t use it.  Also, I won’t just tause out a comma if it will make the comma fall out… Just rambling now.!  But it’s my writing so I’ll write how I want to.  That sentence is actually kinda gross without the comma, hah.!

Thank you,” I told her, “We’ll make sure to figure everything out quickly so that we don’t disrupt the gentle peace of this restaurant.”

A comma here would be undesireable.  HMM.  It’s almost sad how my examples aren’t even using the word and.

The Opposite of Nastalgia

Something happens that reminds you of your past.  If your memories are of good times in your past, then that could be considered Nastalgia.  If I was going to name an antonym for this use of Nastalgia: Regret.  Not having done all that I could have done.  (The problem is not having “not accomplished” something, but rather… going the extra mile vs. running until you pass out.)

Immagine if in your past everything that you did wasn’t good enough.  Every memory you couldn’t win, succeed, you were always one step away from reaching your goal and failing.  Even when you reached the goal there was a reason, an excuse for the situation to not be … happy.

It’s really hard when you think you have good memories, and the memories might give you good feelings, but you’re scared of them.  You’re scared because you know that if you go back to that person they will hurt you, and you know you hurt while you were with them.

I hate my memories, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good ones.  Listing events as they come feels as though it helps.  “This will be a good memory, I was proud of myself and what I accomplished.”

*When my father drove an hour to take me to a horse riding lesson.

*I had this one really great friend, and although it may be in the past now – I was happy.  It was the only time in my life that I’ve felt as though I could be desired, and because of him I learned self-confidence, and self-worth, and I found that I could work to actually become the person I want to be.

… When I don’t wake up in pain.  I’d kill to get rid of that pain.

I have some good guesses that should help.  The only problem is going through with the plans, and not just filtering them out.