The Use Of Commas In Writing

I took many english classes, and I know the proper structure of comma use from that.  However, knowing the correct use of commas appears to draw them out, and it creates a pause for me that is not always desired in a sentence even if it should be there.

This made me think: Perhaps the use of commas can be used better than just following the rules. (Or maybe I’m just a novice trying things out.)

The use of a comma creates a pause, and if I don’t want the pause I won’t use it.  Also, I won’t just tause out a comma if it will make the comma fall out… Just rambling now.!  But it’s my writing so I’ll write how I want to.  That sentence is actually kinda gross without the comma, hah.!

Thank you,” I told her, “We’ll make sure to figure everything out quickly so that we don’t disrupt the gentle peace of this restaurant.”

A comma here would be undesireable.  HMM.  It’s almost sad how my examples aren’t even using the word and.


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