Speeding (While Driving)

There’s a reason why cops have quotas* (if they do have quotas…).  They are there to enforce the speed limit laws.  I am not saying I am defending the speed of 50mph in Oregon, but when you’re going 80 in Washington in a 70, and the speed limit drops to 60 you’re now going 20+ over the speed limit.  And a bad habbit of mine, that I want to have, is speeding.  I’ll go 5 over the speed limit, but I’m not stupid enough to do 15-25.

So while I’m sitting here driving and I see the speed limit drop I’m going to drive slower.  I’m going to be in the right lane, and I’m going to slowly decrease my speed, but I’m not going to go the same speed as the traffic.

Why?  Because I don’t know about where you live but I saw 5 cars pulled over driving from Portland to Seattle last week, and another 5 on the way back down to Portland.  On the way up it was three in the morning, and the highways were completely empty.  On the way back down it was eight p.m.  and all of the traffic was going 80 in a 60, but a black van decided to start flashing lights and pull someone over.

Go whatever speed you want, I don’t mind.  But I hope you realize that I might be inconveniencing you by going slower, but you’re getting pulled over by cops which does two things.

#1. Supports the cops need to reach and have quotas.  There’s a debate and concern that cops have quotas while they government says that having quotas are illegal.  And news presses that suggest they still do (secrectly of course).

#2. Increases the number of cops, which increases house taxes in the area where you got pulled over at.


Getting Someone Invested In You

Looks do attract someone at first glance, but looks don’t mean as much as people think that they do.  If someone is their “ten out of ten,” but has shown zero interest in you, then you would likely (at the most) say hi, and then walk away.

You know how people wait to tell their flaws, and then their flaws are accepted by their partner, but you question if they would be accepted if they were open with their flaws to begin with rather than having kept it a secret for a little while?

Now let us say that you want to attract someone that you are interested in.  Good looks, nice personality, available… There are a lot of people in that similar situation, the trick is to find someone who is in that niche.  Similar interests such as having written a book if they’re a writer ( 😉 ) .

I ran accross this girl who on their dating website (I know!…) has listed “find me on another social media platform.”  It wasn’t hard, based off her single picture I found her facebook, and off her facebook I even found her home address.

I have zero plans on admitting that I ran accross her address, and I may be too careful about having “stalked” her facebook. (Even though she asked?)

I was bored, got drawn in, got invested into her…

Movie Review: Noah

Are you kidding me? Seriously?  I lcan list movies I walk away from as 2 stars.  Movies I don’t walk away from, but still watch because I had to buy them to watch (and wish I had walked away from) get 1 star.  That was Noah.  Terrible graphics, terrible storyline, no original ideas that I enjoyed.

Let us make a movie with a Christian title and a Christian audience to only throw aside every part of the movie to the wind in order to make a movie to reach for some sort of watchability.  In order to make up for it let us get Emma Watson to reach for an audience, and use B class specs in order to keep the costs of production low enough to make up for any loss in costs.

I almost turned off the movie half way through, but kept it on while I multi-tasked since I spent $20 on buying the movie.  In return I got an erratic Noah who had tossed aside his morals in order to kill his granddaughters.

Noah gets about three simple pages in the Bible.  A two hour movie that has three pages of discription, and the director can’t even follow the simple three pages of discription.  Three pages, and anything that goes apart from the actual descriptions only works to hurt the character of the people rather than build any sort of excitement or add any “holiwood factor.”

I’m going to throw in my bullet points (notes) and then walk away before wasting any more time on this title.

  • The nonexistent animals
  • Why would we do that, they think it makes us stronger, We don’t eat meat
    • The only reference to meat before, or directly after the flood is “don’t eat blood.”
  • The dream with the blood on the ground, and the dead people in the sea
  • Only the five of them, seriously?  They are supposed to the boat with their wives.  Half the story is based off of a change the director made.
  • Completely destroyed lands, no trees, dirty water.  The people are evil, but not to this obvious extent.  The people who attack at every turn, how do they sustain their lives.
  • Children pay no notice to the number of dead people around them.  I don’t know about you, but if any ten year old I come accross walks up to fifty dead bodies they wouldn’t search around without mentioning the bodies.  They wouldn’t be stronger about it than the adults.
  • Low production costs, value
  • “the three sons and their wives” – I don’t know or care where I got this quote from.
  • Children were not that young, one of them was not a baby when they were supposed to leave during the flood.  Noah was 600 years old, and his children were at least 100.  1/6 of a lifetime  of 40 years is still 10 years.
  • “fallen angels”
    • Fallen angels that care that humans betray the created or even though they were betrayed in turn.
  • His father was still alive until five years before the flood, Noah was shown as a boy when his father was killed
  • Talking to Him required the use of a drug.
  • A seed from the first garden, from Eden?  A place guarded by a flaming sword.
  • If a girl is born to you, I will cut her down.  Noah was willing to kill his grand daughter with only the speakings of himself, one weaker than that of the two dreams he required in order to build the ark?

Christian Music vs Christmas Music

Christian music and Christmas music have a very similar feel as if they should belong under the same type of music, (speed, how they are sung, the continuous amount of declaration of love of God) but they are sorely different.

I don’t like Christmas music, and I very much enjoy Christian music (even when I was strictly Agnostic).

Christian music is about love, and devotion. You can hear it in their voices. It’s not about the religious aspect for me, but rather the emotion itself.

Christmas music has a little bi of s selfish twist that makes me personally not enjoy it. It is about one’s own love of the feelings of the time. Love of the day as a gift from God (Christmas music is still rather religious)- love of the day as a gift, not love of someone else. Love of what is being provided to them.

Just my thoughts, thanks!

Dream Journal #3

Last night I had another lucid dream, and one where it was so real that I could not tell whether or not it was real. The color and picture of my dream was exactly as it would have been if I had actually woken up.

It did not last very long. I woke up, and remembered how I had a phone interview that morning. This was rational because I ha turned off my alarm, and did fall back asleep (…ehh, should’ve cancelled the interview considering what I’ve found out about the job). Even though the dream felt real I had doubts, and wanted to test out some features.

I walked to the window, and made the sun rise an set twice. The room went blurry and I slipped into a different dream that was not lucid.

I did catch the phone call so no judgement, hah.

Movie Review: Divergent

To begin with I was expecting a more out a belief (insane?) type of movie where the main character comes in and saves everyone from their destructive government.  The factions were described to me to be focused on a single emotion, rather than a job class system.  But today I was at the store, and decided it was time to watch it.

The government was surprisingly beautiful. Another system of government where the children are born to a family system, but you have to be able to connect to the audience somehow.  The children are not required to decide on their fraction of birth, and they said they tend to choose their faction of birth at a 95% rate.  Very nice, you can choose to be in the system that you fit in with, and if that isn’t what you want you can choose otherwise.

What I strongly disliked was the “factionless” aspect.  The people who aren’t accepted, and can’t join another faction because it is against the rules.  By tossing out a group of people, not allowing them to work, not allowing them to fit in, just because it is a rule.  That’s asking for problems.  It’s also creating the problem that the Daughtless are now requried to solve.  Also, creating a system where the weakest Daughtless are thrown out of the faction and made factionless was really a shame.  Not given the less desireable jobs, not asked to work harder.  Even if they really wanted to do everything for their faction they would be tossed out.  It’s like asking for problems.

The “divergent.” the people who “have more than one class traits.”  Being inconclusive is fine.  That’s what the 5% is for.  I don’t quite see why they made such a big issue of it in the movie, the faction the test provided wasn’t even that big of a deal, and the results were not even made public knowledge.  Certainly if it meant as much as it did they would have been sent to the class provided immediately after the test.  Otherwise it would just be a suggestion, and the time between the test and the choosing gives them time to decide.  “Hey, inconclusive, you will fit in anywhere.”  With the number of people having been divergent throughout the movie killing them off is not a feasable reaction.

Cutting their hand to pick a faction.  Seriously?  That works great for Daughtless, but the other classes should have had something that does not include cutting.  Especially with Abnegation in charge.  Also, one you choose you cannot pick another?  What if you make a bad choose, a mistake?  What if the test was right, ect?  One of the factions should incourporate the “factionless,” and the members of the factions who no longer wish to be in a faction.  It would lead to less conflict.

With the end of the movie the main characters run away rather than having defeated the government.  I think that indicates a level of strength of the government system.  Built to last.

It’s hard to say what I like about the movie since it had a high level of stress and drama in it where everything seems to be wrong, but in itself it is in theory set up so that everyone should be happy.  It might be because it is in movie form.  I’ll have to read the book.  Stay tunned, although my list of books is already about a dozen long.

Dream Journal #2 – Astroprojection & Nightmares

I don’t admitt many feelings, especially being afraid or upset.  One underlying reason why I’ve started to study dreams is because of a nightmare of mine.  One that I have been in denial about – and denial does certainly make it more of a discomfort than being “afraid” of it in that sense of the term.

When I recognize that I am asleep my first instinct is to wake up, and yes this works for normal people under normal circumstances, but when you have damaged your system and have a deeper sleep.  A sleep where every instinct is to stay asleep, to stay in bed – when you’re willing to skip meals, skip adventures, ditch out from work or friends.  This instict of mine is one that if I am able to get up it immediately vanishes as if it was never there in the first place.  It is a slip personality type of thing.  When you want something, and it becomes a need, you need it and are willing to pay any price to obtain it, but.  But later it is something that you no longer care for.  After a few years of this I grossly know that my desires can be easily manipulated to desire something, but for different reasons.  I have to be cautious on how to proceed.

In this dream I was not able to wake, and I was aware it was a dream.  However, realizing that I was asleep made me curious, and I tried to will myself to wake up on multiple occassions, and I will testify that I woke up although I would not give that a “100%” testification.  If I had woken I surely went straight back into the dream.

In my dream I struggled, and rolled off the bed.  Rather than going back to waking myself up (taking my ability to wake myself up as a challenge – any “fear” being denied) I decided to astroproject.  Like many people on this subject I could see my body from above, but it was the body in my dream (the one on the floor).

The dream lost most of the sense of vision (the color and picture forms that I have grown to create and enjoy in my dreams) but the dream was very much enjoyable.  I certainly could not control where I flew, or the pictures that took place (similar to an old TV that has no signal).  I believe this was due to the fact of astonishment of knowing I was alseep, and the length of the dream (rather than having successfully ending it).  This astonishment made a description come into my mind of “one step at a time” as if being able to both astroproject AND control it was taking too many steps, not having earned it enough.  I certainly need to learn to take two steps where it is merited rather than shooting myself in the foot just because.  If there’s no reason to go slow, no reason at all to take five steps where only one is needed.  It’s not cautious, it’s holding yourself back from what you want just because you want it.

I believe that for other nightmares, or unwanted dreams the best idea to deal with them is to not just say you will overcome it, but go through a plan in your head of what you want and expect to happen when it occurs.  You have to believe in, believe in yourself, and your ability.  As a rehearsed play this can trigger the nightmare, as well as trigger the response to overcome it.