Not Commenting On Posts – The Spectator

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions just read the blog.  Actually commenting or not is not the point of this blog.  It’s for you to read, your knowledge, to push your mind and mine.

If you go to a forum every day, you read posts, you know plenty about everyone else, but you don’t participate in the discussion.  This might because you don’t think they want to read what you say, that you don’t have anything to add, you don’t care about posting/sharing/ect.  Or you simply don’t have the confidence.

Regardless of the reason that you don’t particpate… you aren’t being noticed.  You are holding off any potential friendships, bonds, awknoledgement.  You are becoming the spectator.

People want to know you, people want to get to know you, to talk to you.  But if you don’t let them they will think otherwise.  Very short post, very uncomplex. I thought I was going to end up somewhere else with this plog post… Sad face.

*Yes, that does indicate that I start with an idea and go over it myself as I write the post*


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