Details Lost In The Detail

Like many other people I am a perfectionist.  I am not just a perfectionist, I focus, I lose sense of time, and I will certainly not notice changes. I could be in a room working for hours and not know if there was music playing or not.  I may not know the hair color of a friend who I’ve known for months.

It’s because I focus on the details that I don’t notice other details.  I worry about what needs to happen next, the seconds I could save here, the production that can be increased there.  What needs to be done and the half second that it needs to be done at.  I can often predict how long a job will take a group of 12 people, and then make corrections to that time as problems arise based on the severity.  Of course I don’t notice the music, you could say that music would be a distraction.

In a coversation I would focus on what they’re saying, doing, what I … I just don’t notice.  You could also say that I don’t care about color, color isn’t important.

But color is important, music is important.  The details, and what you’re missing is important.  If you spend five hours in a room and can’t tell if there was music playing… what else were you missing?

Or maybe it speaks to how they should be playing better music.!


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