Dream Journal Dream #1

I’ve been practicing the art of dream manipulation.  Many people use this to lucid dream, or to extend the length of their dreams.  I became interested in this when I heard how people can live entire lives in a dream.  Personally I have had lucid dreams, and although that’s an interesting idea what I wanted to work on first was to remember color, pictures, and the dreams themselves.


I was talking to a group of girls who were complaining that the underwear gowning provided in the changing room was boring, and I told them that they should ask for a different type to be provided. (We do not have underwear gowning at my work… that’d be way overkill for my job.)

I was in a locker room that had two perpindicular walls.  On each wall had a container of the underwear.  They were provided in similar containers that we have for gloves at my job. The containers held three different types in the stock.  The containers on both walls were identical, and stocked identically. The problem was that the girls had asked for the styles to be changed, and this made me upset.  They were skirted, and frilly.  I am under the impression that I might have used them under different circumstances, but I was upset that I was being forced to wear them and that they would change the stock without considering everyone.  I wanted to be late to work, and I wanted an excuse, so I left to go get different gowning from a different locker room.

*The two walls, one was meant for the boys, and one for the girls.  No one was worried about modesty.  Not because they did not want to be modest, but because there was no reason for modesty to be an issue.

I left the locker room in my underwear, and covered in a towel.  I walked through the hallways in the towel.  I was adament about not being embarrared, but I felt like I should be.  No one said anything, maybe they looked a little longer than they should have.

I entered the second locker room, and it was gigantic, but all of the stalls were full.  All of the stalls were being used, and I wanted privacy because there were just so many people everywhere!  I kept walking down deeper into the locker room, and all of a sudden I only saw girls.  I looked up to the walls and saw two signs posted to the wall similar to pool signs that listed the depth of the water.

The girls paid little attention as if it was a modest mistake that anyone could have made.  They didn’t even feel the need to say or do anything, and I turned around and went back towards the “male” section.

As I entered back into the male section all of the stalls were full, but they were full of boys who were peeking and watching to wait to see naked girls!  Silly them, I thought, they were going to sit there and wait. The door to close the stalls was cut in half with only the top half present like they were built for an adult video store.  Even the boys knew that they would not get to see anything.  The girls were going to keep it in mind, and they were not worried.

I left to look for another changing room.  I walked down the alley that was slowly changing to look like a mall strip.  I passed by an old-earth healer.  They had a bathroom that I could have used, but I did not want to use it since I was not planning on buying anything.

I passed a few more shops, and then all of a sudden I had to throw up.  I knew I had seen the bathroom before and so I turned around and run back.  The bathroom was very small and had a sink, urinal, and toilet. I started to try to throw up into the toilet, and something started to come up.  I reached into my throat and pulled a piece of it off.  I threw the fish head I ripped off into the toilet.  I reached and pulled out a few more pieces.

A doctor ran over with a patient and pointed at the urinal, “there if you want to live.” he told the patient as if he was suffering from the same problem, but I was in self-aknowledged denial for a second.  (And that although he did say “if you want to live,” his life was not in danger.)  I pulled out another half of a fish and threw it into the urinal.  I wanted to keep what I had taken out of me to show to the doctor, and I did not want to risk losing it to the toilet. Now I had pieces in both the toilet and the urinal and I had nothing to offer to the patient!  (The toilet was now a bowl that drained, it had some netting in it to keep the pieces in.)

I pulled a dead eel and threw it into the urinal. I started thinking about how I was worried that I had live fish in me. I watched as the eel became alive in the bowl.

I pointed, and the patient rushed off to find the doctor.  As he rushed off I knew that his problems were not as bad as mine.

I pulled out larger and larger pieces, and then started to throw up live fish which insinuated that I had large fish parasites inside of me.

*During all of this I was not worried about my health, I wasn’t particularily scared.  I just didn’t want the fish inside of me.  I also knew that the doctor was going to be able to help me… probably through surgery.


Writing down, and describing everything in detail to yourself will help you remember present, and later dreams.  Make sure to do it before you forget them, and do remember that at first it may be hard to remember more than small details.  Like everything it will take some work and time.


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