The Forces of Revenge

CWTV has a tv show called “Reign”  **Spoilers**

In Ep. 209 the queen Amy is raped after the attackers were unable to assasinate the king.

The Kind and Queen become erratic, and want vengence where they have before been forgiving and understanding.  I don’t say this as it comes to the perpetrators themselves, but they chained, killed, and tortured people.  It wasn’t that they rationally decided that they needed to find the perpetrators as soon as they could in order to find safety, but were willing to sacrifice everything in order to get justice.

A not so funny hidden fact about seeking justice & revenge is that people feel as though they can go back to normal as soon as justice has been sered, and that it would fix their damage.  It would satisfy them, and they can go back to normal.  The extremes that may be required will be erased along with the damage.

Reign has strong emotions.  The Queen’s change was almost unbelievable.  She fought so hard for the lives of the people she immediately sentenced to torture and death.  Rape can change a person for life, it can ruin someone.  And why?  Becomes it comes with a feeling of being “tainted,” as if they are now “dirty,” and “damaged.”

The thing is that it wasn’t me, I wasn’t there on the show being raped, but I can understand her actions, and if I was placed in the same situation as King Francis I would have had a different approach, but not one considered less brutal.

There should be no mercy for Rape Perpetrators.


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