Do You Have To Pay Income Taxes?

As one of the newer generation (born in 1992), this is the first time I have come accross the argument that paying a federal income tax is voluntary.

I would like to thank LEAMUSE for the inspiration behind my studying of France’s republic system.

MANNY RUTINEL brought up great arguments on socialism, this is where I started two hours ago on my study of great thought provoking arguments.

I can’t find who linked the youtube video itself, but here is the link:


There is a group of people who argue that the IRS is founded on deciet and lies based on making money for private companies.  They argue that there is no law that creates a foundation for a federal income tax, and that the current federal tax is unconstiutional.  There argue that they have not paid federal income tax (and state tax in many occasions!).  When audited you just need to say:

  • “If you ever get a notice of an audit or anything else the first thing that you should is a freedom of information act request for records that they are using to substantiate or justify their audit”

There are many IRS and legislation laws that have tables and laws that say that they have debunked this statement.  After a simple google search I will list four.

Obviously, you are in great danger if you don’t pay taxes.  But being in danger doesn’t reach the fact: Are you required by law to pay taxes.  The simpmle answer is no, that they have supreme court rulings, as well as others that show that paying income tax is voluntary.

You can say I don’t care.  I had the show run for an hour, and I got bored.  Why, why am I bored, why did I lose interest?

*I have yet to pay the federal income tax.  I’m reaching the first full year of working while not in school.  Maybe when taxes come up I’ll look into it further for personal gain.  The IRS scares everyone else, I’m not going to make it my personal vendetta when I have nothing to gain.

*The rich always find ways to get out of being taxed.  If you’re rich I suggest that you also tax to a great lawyer to see how you can make the most out of your taxes.

* “Why in the world would the American government borrow money and pay fees on it when it has the authority to make the money itself interest free”

… So when it comes to the perfect society, the perfect world.  There’s no reason to have this tax.  For anyone who has yet to watch the movie or anything along that sorts.  THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX ONLY PAYS FOR THE ASSOCIATED “INTEREST” IN THE NATIONAL DEBT.  It doesn’t pay for road construction, for education, for anything.  It is money that is not used for ANYTHING but for PERSONAL FINANCIAL GAIN of the 1% that is involved.

I spent two hours on this topic, and I won’t share more.  Why? Because I want you to know that there are people out there who are not paying their income taxes, and have not for decades, and have not been sent to prison.  There are also people who have been sent to prison, who have lost their houses and lives.

Standing up for your personal rights and freedom can be risky.  Are you willing to pay this tax, the “leave me alone” tax.  Or tell me if you know something that I don’t.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have To Pay Income Taxes?

  1. No doubt as part of your research you have delved deeply into the Federal Reserve?

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.


    • Firstly, thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate other people’s perspectives and input.

      No, mostly it was focused on how people use loopholes to get out of paying taxes because they feel as though they are not legally required to.

      But the Federal Reserve is much more interesting! The idea of one bank that can hold it’s own is much more stable than multiple smaller ones that need to ask for help if the need arises. (Assuming you can add banks together that way). This appears to be the major use of the Federal Reserve rather than what it would be in a socialist society.

      The Federal Reserve contributed $79Billion to the federal reserve in 2010. (Wikipedia/ NYTimes) In 2010 the expense on paying the interest on the national debt was $414Billion.

      It is difficult for the reserve to build infrustructure, and to make a bigger profit if it turns over the majority of it into the federal reserve. ($79/$82 Billion). Which makes me doubt whether there are plans on the bank becoming socialist.

      I guess I don’t see your point in why the Federal Reserve matters past the point of being a potential model. (As a fantasy writer I enjoy a good model). The people are paying taxes to fund the interest payments.

      It would diminish the worth of the dollar if the government could spend freely and not have to pay back the money, but if they are spending the money freely anyway. Everyone would be better off if our leaders were smart enough to be able to spend only what they are able to (my argument here is the same amount that they are spending) without having the national debt held over their heads as blackmail.


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