Insufferable Christians

Let me make this clear.  I am a Christian, I was raised Christian, I admire Christian virtues, their way of life, and everything about them – ALMOST.

I find that a great deal of the christians I run across do not share the same acceptance that I do, and that makes me sad.

  • “We were all non-believers at one point in time, and we must have behaved like pagans.”  Heathen, uncultered, pagans.

*So you, when you were at your lowest strength, your lowest moral point.  You compare what you consider to be your lowest point to another culture?

How is that acceptance, how is that considering them to be your equal, how is that righteous?  Immediately you are setting aside this group as being wrong, an that makes it so that you are not able to learn about them.  God has been around for a long time, he has spoken to an innumeral amount of people, and he has even created many languages.  How can you say that he only goes by one name, and how can you say that he does not change and learn over time?

I accept every race, every person, every sexual orientation, almost.  There are people who hurt others by physical violence, and there are people who hurt others by mental violence.

As a Christian you can immagine someone from another religion, Islam for example, walking up to you and telling you that you are wrong in your religion.  That your God, your beliefs are not real, and that you will be punished for all of eternity if you don’t drop your family, your friends, your God, and to beg for enlightenment and salvation.

How accepting is that?

If my acceptance means that I am not a Christian by your terms I will always disagree until He Himself tells me otherwise.

Even though my beliefs are much much deeper than that discribed in this post (To the point I may not be considered a Christian) let me make my point clear.  Third person point of view, assuming that Christians are right and that only one God ever existed:

You don’t slap a teenager in the face, and tell her that her parents taught her improper english.  And that if she doesn’t immediately start using the correct english that she will face insufferable torment and bullying.  And that she deserves the torment, bullying, and everything else that she gets because she is not using the correct english.  This will destroy her.  Obviously you would use other tactics, obviously you should use other tactics.  Obviously you should try to be more understanding.

  • And this humans are born flawed, born dirty, thing that keeps being repeated.

Let us assume that I was born damaged and flawed.  It is not my fault for this!  I should not have to pay for the right of being forced into this earth. By my current understanding it was not my choice (or at least I don’t have the memory of this choice).

How am I a perfect creation if I am born flawed?  Wouldn’t that mean that flaws are a part of perfection?  These flaws should be recognized, and worked towards regardless of our beliefs of God. He will help us behind the scenes if that is in His plan, and regardless of His plan He wants us to respect ourselves enough to work our hardest.

I will finish with my trio in case anyone questions my personal beliefs (even though I just wrote a post on acceptance).

I am Christian, I am Pagan, I am Agnostic.


6 thoughts on “Insufferable Christians

  1. WOW, where do I start?

    I love your transparency, your willingness to open yourself to unthinking criticism. I love your desire to be an accepting person; that is the definition of grace, and our Lord, through His grace toward us, has mandated our graciousness toward others, even “sinners.”

    What I hate is throwing the “s” word around like an indictment. I feel like it’s a well-used hammer that lands too often on my own head, and for good reason. 1 John 1:8-10 says, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. (9) If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (10) If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.”

    Accepting people is not the same as accepting their beliefs. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6) He said he is THE way, not a way, The truth, not a truth, and THE life, not a life. He didn’t say anyone could come to His Father through some well-intentioned guru or prophet.

    I completely understand your reservations about the universal, human sin condition. Almost as an aside, God said after His creative acts, “It is very good.” That included us human-type beings. But God didn’t create us as the flawed creatures we are now. He created us in His image, which included personal volition. So, we chose to disobey His simple command, and that includes you and me just as much as Adam. One of the main differences between God and us is, and always was, He is the only One in the universe who has the authority to define good. We can only respond to His expressed will for us by obeying, or disobeying it.

    Another way of looking at it is, nothing in the universe is characterized by evil, because “evil” is not a thing, and can therefore not exist. In the same sense than an absolute vacuum does not exist as a thing or condition, but is simply the absence of matter, what we call “evil” does not exist as a thing or condition, but is nothing more than the absence of good. We are evil because we do not choose to conform to the good, which God defines.

    Please be aware that what I’ve stated is not the truth; it is simply my analysis of things, including God’s Word, as I have come to see them. God’s Word is the only Truth, both His expressed word, and His incarnate Word. All else is colored by our perceptions, which are more-or-less guaranteed to be in error. You made a statement about our judging other cultures by our own. Fact is, we have no more right to judge other cultures than to judge other individuals. God’s Word judges them, and not simply our understanding of His Word. Jesus forbade us to judge others because to do so is an attempt to usurp His authority as the Righteous Judge. Fighting that impulse is one of, if not my greatest, struggles.

    Obviously, I could go on indefinitely, but I’ll end here with a blessing upon you, as you follow our Lord.



  2. Thank you, you even almost made me cry. I haven’t even read the bible yet. I did buy one. Before as I did not describe myself as a Christian I was told to behave with honor, but that … I was not ready to open up to Christianity in itself. With a forgiving dissapointment in my unopeness. It’s time that I read it, although in my relationship with Him, He is open to my skepticisms of human errors being implanted into the writings over time. I certainly look forward to any communication we have over time as I progress in mutual understanding.

    That said about Religion, I am open because I have learned that it is much more painful to not be notice than it is to be rejected. If you are rejected by someone you are recognized as existing, and you are remembered for a time by them. If you don’t express yourself it is worse than being rejected because you are nothing, the void. Being in the void, you can’t learn, you assume you are rejected and you don’t give yourself the chance to be loved. I find that people are much much more accepting than they let of to be. In my experiences people are innately good, and innately want to make your life better. They can’t do that if you hide from their sight.

    People often don’t understand why I (milder, but the same thing as take insult) to terms like “heathen” that are used as an insult. It’s like when someone says “by the way” (The Way taken as “In God’s Way”), or “that’s Gay.” I’m going to speak up.


  3. I started a few days ago, and based on how slow I’m going through it I could compare my “reading” of the book to how I would prepare for an exam. I have posts prepared for discussion. I’m taking is slow, taking my time. I hope you take the time to read some of them when they come out!


  4. everyone is born flawed due to the fallen human nature acquired through sin in the garden of eden.

    that is why we need a savior to bring us back to God, and help us correct our flaws, and have victory over our lives.

    but we do not slap anyone into accepting god

    Jesus died to pay for your sins, so that you could Not be flawed and go to heaven..

    no one else in history has ever done that.

    I pray the peace and love of God fills your heart and gives you the happiness that you seek in your life.


  5. Thank you for the kind words Marianne, I hope that I find it as well, and thatyou continue to hold onto it.

    It is still unfortunately my belief that the Garden of Eden is not our fault, and we should not have to pay for the sins of our ancestry. Unless you mean the sin that is possible due to knowing good and evil through the tree. Then yeah, people tend to sin a little somewhere along the lines.


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