My Pets Are My Family

My cats mean everything to me, in a pricise term if I did not have any pets

  • I would work a different job
  • I would not be tied down to living in one location (traveling/fishing/ect jobs)
  • I would have a different lifestyle – not come home every night to feed & love them
  • I would not live by myself because I don’t trust others with my cats

I handed them a bowl of milk today, which all three promptly ignored.  I found that to be rather cute, and a little bit of a shame.  Gave them a catnip toy instead, which they adored.  (I give them catnip about once every 6 months).  I’ve never even offered Caramel milk before.  I’m a little strange (per usual), but especially when it comes to my cats.  Only for two particular reasons.

  • I leave food out rather than having mealtimes.  It took Caramel six~eight months before she was able to understand that the food would always be there – but without letting her gain weight.
  • I rarely give my cats treats (notice the six month part). It’s hard to explain why.  For some reason I feel as though it hurts them, and it makes them ?drug addicts? hah.!

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