Movie Review: Divergent

To begin with I was expecting a more out a belief (insane?) type of movie where the main character comes in and saves everyone from their destructive government.  The factions were described to me to be focused on a single emotion, rather than a job class system.  But today I was at the store, and decided it was time to watch it.

The government was surprisingly beautiful. Another system of government where the children are born to a family system, but you have to be able to connect to the audience somehow.  The children are not required to decide on their fraction of birth, and they said they tend to choose their faction of birth at a 95% rate.  Very nice, you can choose to be in the system that you fit in with, and if that isn’t what you want you can choose otherwise.

What I strongly disliked was the “factionless” aspect.  The people who aren’t accepted, and can’t join another faction because it is against the rules.  By tossing out a group of people, not allowing them to work, not allowing them to fit in, just because it is a rule.  That’s asking for problems.  It’s also creating the problem that the Daughtless are now requried to solve.  Also, creating a system where the weakest Daughtless are thrown out of the faction and made factionless was really a shame.  Not given the less desireable jobs, not asked to work harder.  Even if they really wanted to do everything for their faction they would be tossed out.  It’s like asking for problems.

The “divergent.” the people who “have more than one class traits.”  Being inconclusive is fine.  That’s what the 5% is for.  I don’t quite see why they made such a big issue of it in the movie, the faction the test provided wasn’t even that big of a deal, and the results were not even made public knowledge.  Certainly if it meant as much as it did they would have been sent to the class provided immediately after the test.  Otherwise it would just be a suggestion, and the time between the test and the choosing gives them time to decide.  “Hey, inconclusive, you will fit in anywhere.”  With the number of people having been divergent throughout the movie killing them off is not a feasable reaction.

Cutting their hand to pick a faction.  Seriously?  That works great for Daughtless, but the other classes should have had something that does not include cutting.  Especially with Abnegation in charge.  Also, one you choose you cannot pick another?  What if you make a bad choose, a mistake?  What if the test was right, ect?  One of the factions should incourporate the “factionless,” and the members of the factions who no longer wish to be in a faction.  It would lead to less conflict.

With the end of the movie the main characters run away rather than having defeated the government.  I think that indicates a level of strength of the government system.  Built to last.

It’s hard to say what I like about the movie since it had a high level of stress and drama in it where everything seems to be wrong, but in itself it is in theory set up so that everyone should be happy.  It might be because it is in movie form.  I’ll have to read the book.  Stay tunned, although my list of books is already about a dozen long.


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