Getting Someone Invested In You

Looks do attract someone at first glance, but looks don’t mean as much as people think that they do.  If someone is their “ten out of ten,” but has shown zero interest in you, then you would likely (at the most) say hi, and then walk away.

You know how people wait to tell their flaws, and then their flaws are accepted by their partner, but you question if they would be accepted if they were open with their flaws to begin with rather than having kept it a secret for a little while?

Now let us say that you want to attract someone that you are interested in.  Good looks, nice personality, available… There are a lot of people in that similar situation, the trick is to find someone who is in that niche.  Similar interests such as having written a book if they’re a writer ( 😉 ) .

I ran accross this girl who on their dating website (I know!…) has listed “find me on another social media platform.”  It wasn’t hard, based off her single picture I found her facebook, and off her facebook I even found her home address.

I have zero plans on admitting that I ran accross her address, and I may be too careful about having “stalked” her facebook. (Even though she asked?)

I was bored, got drawn in, got invested into her…


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