Speeding (While Driving)

There’s a reason why cops have quotas* (if they do have quotas…).  They are there to enforce the speed limit laws.  I am not saying I am defending the speed of 50mph in Oregon, but when you’re going 80 in Washington in a 70, and the speed limit drops to 60 you’re now going 20+ over the speed limit.  And a bad habbit of mine, that I want to have, is speeding.  I’ll go 5 over the speed limit, but I’m not stupid enough to do 15-25.

So while I’m sitting here driving and I see the speed limit drop I’m going to drive slower.  I’m going to be in the right lane, and I’m going to slowly decrease my speed, but I’m not going to go the same speed as the traffic.

Why?  Because I don’t know about where you live but I saw 5 cars pulled over driving from Portland to Seattle last week, and another 5 on the way back down to Portland.  On the way up it was three in the morning, and the highways were completely empty.  On the way back down it was eight p.m.  and all of the traffic was going 80 in a 60, but a black van decided to start flashing lights and pull someone over.

Go whatever speed you want, I don’t mind.  But I hope you realize that I might be inconveniencing you by going slower, but you’re getting pulled over by cops which does two things.

#1. Supports the cops need to reach and have quotas.  There’s a debate and concern that cops have quotas while they government says that having quotas are illegal.  And news presses that suggest they still do (secrectly of course).

#2. Increases the number of cops, which increases house taxes in the area where you got pulled over at.


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