I’m Willing To Drive To You

So you really like this girl (or boy!) and it turns out that they live a bit farther away from you than is… traditional.  For detail sake let’s give it a good round 60 minute drive.  Also, the circumstance I’m explaining is the beginning phase of the relationship.

You don’t mind driving, and you think that this makes you look cute.  Perhaps you think that this shows you are trying to make an investment; that you’re interested.

My first instinct is that this might make you look needy.  It is true that throws up flags for girls who need their space, but in turn the distance will decrease the chances of “let’s get together every day” kind of needy. – 2hrs every day?  Dealing with that worry is easy, you just need to show her confidence and that your time means something to you.  That you can entertain yourself without her.  Showing that is important.

But- you have to realize that there is something far worse that you need to be worried about.  If you are someone that she is considering she might be worried that she won’t be worth the drive.  The casual date might not reach the effort taken to go through with driving.  That you might expect more from it, that you might expect to get laid.  That she is now responsible for earning your effort, earning the time, the cost.  And that type of commitment she may not be ready for either, and not ecause she isn’t ready to make a commitment, but that she does not know you good enough.  Why else would some guy who doesn’t even know her go to such extremes?

I don’t got any help for this sort of scenario, maybe just have a more text/email/call centered relationship to start off with?  Just trying to get into people’s heads to have a better understanding of how people think.


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