Family Reading Your Blog

When you’re talking to strangers you can say whatever you want.  You can talk about how you used to cut, how you still cut.  You can talk about how your day is going, about some cute guy you saw, about a scripture you just read.  You can talk about how the snickers bar in the vending machine tasted like toothpaste.

And what they think matters.  You’re talking to someone and getting it off your chest, but. but.  At the end of the day if they can walk away if they don’t want to hear it.  They don’t have to pretend, and they don’t have to care.

My brother said that he read a little of my blog when I first started, but then felt as though he thought that I would not want him to read it.  I’m not hiding anything, I have my name attatched to my blog, my face, and I do on occasion link my blog on my facebook.  Everything I write is open for everyone to read… but…

I wouldn’t say the same things in person that I would write in my blog because a portion of why I write is to exercise my own ideas, my own opinions, my own thoughts, and I have never done that when talking to someone.  When I talk to someone what I say is directed towards what they want to hear, and I do realize that is a flaw that I had engrained into me as I was growing up.  And the difference between the way that I write, and the way that I talk has me anxious for anyone that I know who decides to read my blog.

So be warned.  For those that care enough to read what I like you might just learn more about me.  Like how I am two sentences past what I’m typing even though I type really fast… and type wrong words down like “like” instead of “write” because I had corrected it into “type.”


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