Leaving Notes

As I am sure that many other people do, I often leave notes for myself.  Especially when it comes to writing, I take a second to jot down my ideas so that I do not forget them, and then I continue on with what I was doing.

However, I often find that my notes are not as clear as they should be.  When I started writing my novel I made notes and they were very simple, and I wouldn’t even really have to read them to follow the train of thought, but the level of effort I put into making these notes don’t compare to my simple blog post notes that are jotted down and then immediately forgotten about.  I often will read the notes and think something completely different than what I thought I would, or I would be confused as to how it was important.

For example:

*Not taking responsibility for one’s actions

Simple enough, yes?  OK, great, well what I meant was that people don’t live for themselves, and instead everything that bad happens is a test from God, and everything good that happens is from Him.  Nothing done (good or bad) is ever one’s own accomlishments.

So instead I should have written: How God is involved in every decision (good or bad.)

It’s ok to trust yourself that you will remember, but it’s also smart to know that you area allowed to do a better quality job.  Same effort, same time, much cleaner, nicer, and you won’t look like a fool to yourself when you forget.



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