Book Review: Gone Girl Part 1/3

Book Review: Gone Girl

Halfway through the book I was not bored, but not really interested.  I kept reading because I had a mild curiosity of what was going to happen, and I wanted to prove my “hunch” correct.  The problem wasn’t that I was seeing the events as predictable, but rather I really did not like the characters.  I respected the characters, and the character development, but I did not like them.  An abusive husband and an abused, neglected wife.

The main character Nick is a fairly cruel man who is old-fashioned in the sense that he expects his wife, Amy, to behave in a specific way.  He is consistently cruel to her, cheats on her, hurts her, and then only stays married to her for her money.  Rather than making things better he feels trapped by Amy as if she is a punishment to him.

In the middle of the book, exact middle, I flipped the page and fell in love with the book.  Amy said some things that I connected with.  I expected disappointment; it was too good to be true.  The fact that Amy was transformed into a person who I connected with, but was not “perfect” was enlightening.

The book goes into great detail about how people fake personalities in order to get accepted, loved.  About how you become a person who you are not, a person who you wish you could be.  How over time the “real you” comes out.  The start of a relationship is somewhat like a job interview, you how to win the person over and declare to them why they should invest in you.  After they’ve invested in you they can accept your mistakes.  They already know why you’re worth them, and flaws are not an issue.

The real Amy came out, and Nick tossed her aside.  It became a real shame considering that Nick admits how he will never be able to look at another girl without comparing that girl to Amy.  He speaks of how no girl will ever match Amy’s devotion, Amy’s attention.


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