Book Review: Gone Girl Part 3/3

Character Analysis: Tommy

“Amy comes over to my place one night – I’d been seeing this other girl like a month – and Amy comes over, and she’s all back like she used to be.  She’d got some bootleg DVD of a comic I like, an underground performance…”

  • Tommy is the definition of a worm. The girl of his dreams comes over to be with him, but it turns out that the girl of his dreams is a human.  As a human Amy has flaws, and Tommy did worse than throw her away as he cheated on her as he pretended to himself that if he ignored his girlfriend she would just get the message and vanish.
  • Then as Amy came over he even goes far enough as to have sex with her. Regardless of the fact that it was a trap being set by Amy, having sex with her was accepting how he was cheating on her with another girl, and accepting their relationship as he had been pretending not to.

Character Analysis: Go Dune

  • Family is blood, and Go will do anything for her brother. She’d even go to prison or die before giving up her brother.  The definition of a supporting character who never gives up.  The fact that Nick ever doubted her only hurts his character.

Character Analysis: Nick Dune

  • Nick sees women as less than men. He shows this continuously as he selfishly does what he wants, skips out on Amy’s plans to do as he pleases.  He spends her money, and drags her to his hometown.  Throughout the book he uses Amy for sex, and treats her as though she is imprisoning him.  Forcing him to do things he would not do if she was around.
  • Nick has an alarming amount of rage issues. He follows in his footsteps in this way as though his parent’s model of a relationship must be maintained.  This does happen over generations, but perhaps I’m too weird to be able to understand this.  In this circumstance I would have expected Nick’s stance to be defending of women due to disagreeing with his father’s point of view.  But I’m wrong, so.
  • As the book ends Nick gives in to the life that Amy placed him in. The sociopathic relationship that she wants that has a huge probability of ending in Nick’s death.  I don’t really see a way out for Nick.  It’s interesting that he appears to enjoy it to some extent, and really wants this child.  It’s rather sad that he wants the child, but doesn’t care enough to try to save it from a life with Amy.

Character Analysis: Desi

  • The rich collector. He wants what he wants and thinks he can just buy it and place it in his home.  When Amy needs help he believes that he can do the same with Amy, and sees her as something that he can own.
  • Desi holds Amy prisoner:
    • Threatens her to tell the police if she runs away
    • No cash, no keys, a large fence that cannot be jumped over
    • Needs constant approval/acceptance of his “help”
    • Keeps insisting on leaving the country with her, to live with her, to feed her, to watch what she eats. He wants her to become the old Amy in looks and weight.
  • The collector recognizes other people as equals, as humans. However, the social desires of the collector push him to fantasize the person strongly enough to where they no loner see the person as a person but instead as an object.

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