Dream Journal Entry #4

It’s a real shame, but I tend to write right before I go to bed rather than right after I wake up (which is necessary to remember the most amount of details.)

But that doesn’t have to become a big deal.  Last night I had a dream that was as if I was in a mansion, huge rooms.  I could almost taste all the color, the water that flooded out of the bathroom into the hall soaking into cards and drawing books. (Nothing was damaged!)  The water was coming out to scare the cats away from the bathroom, and the water came out and ended up at about half a foot, long enough to keep the cats scared away from the bathroom until I got back from after work.  I don’t think I even knew why they had to be kept out in my dream, something I’d have to make sure was safe?  Oh! That’s right, my razorblades were out.  But for some reason I didn’t think of shutting the door?

Even though I didn’t take the time to write it down, it’s a beautiful way to start the day, even if you need to get up earlier to squeeze taking the car into the shop because the check engline light is on.


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