Elysium Movie Review

Rather than the “perfect world” scenario, instead in this film we get a glimpse at the
“perfect escape” (in a Dystopian style film).  Another land (Elysium) is created in space that is meant to be delightful, safe, and… perfect, but only for the rich.  With a nice little twist there are machines on Elysium that can cure any illness, and can provide eternal life (stops ageing).

This obviously creates an even larger divide between the rich and the poor as the rich now govern the poor with robots and machinery.  They are draining their subjects in order to provide for themselves.

The reasoning is that not everyone can be healthy, and happy, so people need to fend for themselves, aka the rich.  This divide makes it so that people who have nothing to lose (sick, dying, loved ones dying) are willing to go to extremes in order to get to Elysium.

I think the moral of the story is very simple: If the rich try to take control of the majority of the people there are people in the majority who are going to fight back to defend themselves and their families.

However, I hope that other people also notice the sick twist:

Coincidences:  Rather than just making money off of the billionaire, it turns out that it just happens to be the same billionaire that has the codes, just happens to be the same billionaire that was Max’s boss.  And this all came down at just the right time to align with Max’s final five days of life.

  • Taking out the rich government requires conflict between the governing systems, and installs a level of required luck and coincidence required in order to fight back successfully.

Did anyone else notice the lack of droids in the buildings on Elysium.  During all of that fighting, no droids ever showed up to stock them while they were ripping down Elysium.

  • The rich have to be poorly managed, and unprepared in order to be taken down.

The rich, if they are removed from power, their resources can be immediately used to save everyone immediately.

  • I did find it to be a little odd that they spoke so much about how Elysium was “dying” and that everyone needed to go to extremes in order to keep the system protected so that it would still be around for their children. And yet they had hidden ships full of their magic tables that could cure everything?

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