Dream Journal Entry #5

I woke up in the middle of the night, and although I had the feeling I had a really good dream I couldn’t remember a single detail!   And… Actually I’m going to cut this entry short, and not because I didn’t write down the second dream.  You don’t have to keep track of dreams you don’t want to share, it is helpful to still write them down.  Perhaps on a  piece of paper you plan on tossing out.  I’m not skipping the details on this one because it is sexual or anything like that – it’s just very similar to my more rememberable dreams.

Except for how I just jumped in locations, first the hardware store just looking around, than outside at a park, and then at a house where I’m on a couch reading a book.

I run accross an old friend at the park, we’re only facebook friends and he just got engaged!  Maybe he was in my dream ‘cuz I’m a little jelly.

My dream ends with me noticing how my nose is bleeding, and this causes me to wake up – and then my nose does have a mild nose bleed.  It was very mild compared to my usual ones and I’m not sure if this is because the dream caused it, or because I’m actually eating for once.

I also practiced holding onto images in my mind a little.  I have a theory that if you have amazing eyesight your imagery in the mind is not as good since holding onto that detail is … more intensive?


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