Why the flu shot doesn’t always work

I was going to title this “Why I don’t get the flu shot,” but that title post is actually a complete lie.  I don’t get the flu shot because I hate needles, and I’m a 22 year old male who hasn’t been sick since freshman year of college (I was 16.)

The flu shot does work, but not as intended.  The intent is, of course, to make it so that you don’t get the flu.  Even in college they say, “and sometimes they pick wrong.”  I say they likely pick right, and here is why:

My first instinct is that when everyone gets the shot it creates a heard immunity for the flu strains that are projected to be next in line for the area of interest.  Now since these strains are knocked out if un-mutated, the strains either mutate or get taken out.

So I hope that explains how you can still take the shot, but still end up sick later.  They will often say that they still might get sick, but not for as long.  This is because even though a few of the antigens shift – they don’t all shift at once.  There’s still some of the antigens of the virus that are known by your immune system and so it can be seen as the second case – and taken control of faster by the immune system.

So knowing this would I suggest taking the flu shot? Yes!! It creates a heard immunity that prevents an outbreak of a snowballing strain.  It makes it so that constant mutation is required, and keeps the number of cases down.  It prevents the more dangerous strains so that you’re caught in bed sick for days instead of weeks.  Fighting the virus is very important as we learn more about it.

*Just a thought, not based on scientific data or anything


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