Devotion of a Seven Year Old

For those of you who do not know Mormons are baptised at the age of 8 where all of their sins are washed away, and any sins that remain after the age of 8 are kept for life. (Until repented, but my 7 year old self did not know that).  My older brother had just got baptised a little earleir (he is 14months older than me), and he got himself into trouble days after his baptism.  I remember thinking that I was going to not complete a single sin after mine.  This spurred two thoughts into my mind:

  1. Wishing that I would be chosen by God to fulfill his personal wishes.  I was willing to be chosen to kill and fight his enemies.  Not because he had them, but it was in my realm of what I was willing to do to show my devotion.
  2. I loved my family, and longed to be able to show the highest love and devotion to both them, and my God.  The highest level of devotion to me was remaining strong during torture.  And this lasted for ten years where I wanted nothing more than to be tortured, and die from the torture.  Not because I wanted to die, but because I wanted my life to have meaning.

Because if you die at the end of your lifespan, and nothing continues afterwards in the athiest poist of view, then there is no reason to live in the first place.

If there’s no everlasting benefit that you are working towards, and it all ends anyway than what is the point?  So obviously I’m biased towards religion which is much more complex and interesting than, “it. just. ends.”  As well as why immortality is so estatic in my mind.  The beautify of Twilight for me lies in the estatic euphoria of this immortality, and it’s a shame that no one I try to explain this to understands.


8 thoughts on “Devotion of a Seven Year Old

  1. Hello, I see you´ve had a tough life having been in a ward and I´m grateful that you seem to be doing fine now and that you have found God to give you strength. I´m a Catholic technically since my parents baptise me and then I did my first communion at age 10. Although I have to say I´m a pretty bad Catholic, so lately because of certain circumstances in my life I´m devoting more time and thinking more of HIM, but I´m not perfect still.

    You said you´re a Mormon, I really have not much idea what that religion is about, to tell you the truth I have little idea what mine is about so go figure. I only know about that a religion named Mormon is because of Mitt Romney, so that´s my extent of my knowledge.( I´m Spanish by the way but have lived half of my early life in the U.S) And you should be biased to your religion, respecting others ofcourse, but you and me should stand for their own belief´s. Plus there are certain human basic principles that as rational humans we shall all be able to agree on.

    Anyways, glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog.


    • I believe it was through Wally’s reblog that I ran accross yours.

      I do self-label as a Christian, and that’s a work in progress. I don’t self-label with Mormonism at this point in time, it is the first churches I’ll give a shot again.. I’ve been thinking about how I might start looking at churches even before I finish reading the bible.

      Biased towards your nationality, biased towards your family, your friends, your co-workers, your favorite bar, type of food that you eat. Relgion if the area you are in is specific towards on, which would have been Mormonism if Christianity hadn’t been ripped from me.

      Religion is one thing that I’m not biased in, biased towards reading the bible first, and I do plan on reading other religious texts. Although it might take me a while at the rate I’m going! I’m terrible at not doing four+ projects at the same time.


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