The Problem With Conspiracy Theories

So someone asked me what I did last weekend, and I expressed how I had spent a large amount of time researching HIV, and how it was connected to a conspiracy theorist group.  But every time I talk or write about any time concerning conspiracy theories one thing always comes into my mind.

Assume that it is true, and that you gather awareness to it, then what?  Assuming that it is true, and people have been killed to keep it quiet, is the government going to just stand by and watch as you bring awareness to it all?  Of course not.

Assuming that I had information that disproved HIV (as an example…), would it be my duty to try to save hundreds of thousands of lives?  To try to bring awareness to the issue?  Or should I, even with the information go and just forget about it?

I think that the aspect that these people have forgotten is that they just need to use the right wording.  It’s not a blame game, and we don’t have to blame the government and say that they are the cause of millions of deaths while still expecting them to sit there and just take it.  If you can’t let go of fault you can still respect them enough to give them an out.

“We might have been wrong, and want to confirm that it is the case.  We want to find out the infectivity, not that we want to prove that there is none.” (It is claimed HIV is not sexually transmitted.)

If you go around looking for enemies you will find one.  Go looking for friends instead.


2 thoughts on “The Problem With Conspiracy Theories

  1. Had read this before I posted the other comment that´s why I´m so quick, pretty slick 😉

    The last sentence was key, if you go looking for enemies you will find one, go look for friends. Although since we can´t please everybody eventually we have enemies even if we don´t want to. But it certainly minimises the amount of enemies if we are not the type of people who are constantly looking for a battle.


    • I’ve done the same, read a few blogs and then speed post on them all.~ I’m not as quick as you!

      Sure, there are people that hate others for no reason at all, and wish them pain for no reason at all. These people tend to annoy me very greatly, and I don’t mind if I push them away. Their insistance on alienating away entire groups of people dumbfounds me.

      I don’t quite think we will have this problem unless we start making millions off of music videos. For the normal person all it takes is some level of understanding, and knowing when to backtrack when you do cross the line.

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