Dream Journal #7 – Sweet as Molasses

Three parts, three dreams, and all in a five hour span.  I woke up in the middle of a dream, and decided to ruin a good night of sleep to write them down so that I don’t forget.  Some dreams are just so sweet that it leaves a good taste in my mouth.  The good taste/feeling often lasts entire days.

#1.  As I was watching a movie I was starting to fall asleep, and I thought of how I needed to turn off the movie, do this or that.  Which I did, and I would have sworn that I did- only I didn’t do it, but instead dreamt it.  It’s funny, yesturday’s dream involved me eating my headphones since they were entertwined, as well a sturning into, toffy.

#2.  I was sitting in this room chatting to a small group of people.  I was trying to go out on a “date” with these two girls.  They first was already in the small group, and I would have to run to the second’s house, and if I would not get to see her.  The first I went on a “date” with there and then, but it was like clicking a button or saying one word and it was over.

I was asking people to print me out directions and I could just run there since I had the same attributes as Captain America (had just watched the 2014 movie where he ran 14miles in half an hour which I assume is why it was in my mind). But unlike Captain America I knew the girls were only interested in me because I was super strong which made me unique, and because I was adorably stupid.  I couldn’t get them to print out a map which made the first girl angry who left with everyone else.  I don’t know if that was true/ but it is true that I never gave her a chance since I was brushing her aside in my attempts to reach this other girl.

The dream ended with me having a small cut apart printoff of one street number which made me realize how I had her address.  Maybe I would have searched it if my dream had lasted a little longer – but alas, my phone had the volume turned on.

#3.  You know how when you look into a rifle’s peephole you see sight.  While waking up I had this semi-connected dream where I was driving a car, but when driving the car it was like focusing a gun – and it’s not the same as aiming a bullet! You need to be able to see where you’re going when you drive more.  So I pulled over, which I was happy to do since I …?  Why was I happy to pull over?  I wasn’t alone in the car either.


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