The Conquerors Decide The History

People talk about how the winners are the ones who write down the history, and that history books are biased towards the winning side.  The losers are portrayed as the villians and the winners become the heroes.

The North (U.S.) won the fight against the south who were evily trying to break away.  What terrorists they were.  God’s fight against Satan, what would Satan have written about God if he had won?

The thing about history is bias needs to be appreciated.  The truth helps us study the past so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, but that is nill compared to how re-written history allows us to be proud of our ancestry.

In theory re-writing the bible to make it more present to the current generations would be a great service.  Religion binds people together, and the great amount of filler in the old testament is no longer applicable.

I just don’t always think that changing the history of the past would be a bad thing.  Much more of a factor when considering fiction books & eutopian/dystopian fantasies.


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