How Labels Affect You

In my last dream journal (#7), I mentioned how the persona I was in the dream was cute dumb.  Being stupid was a part of the persona, and it affected how he/I behaved to quite a large extent.  He wanted to be seen as the cute person, adorable, and that person to him was also stupid.

The problem with this, as well as other labels, is holding him back from who he could be.  He likes his label, and doesn’t want to lose it.  In turn, he doesn’t come up with ideas on how he can accomplish tasks (get the map to the girl’s place in this situation).

Caring what other people think of him is also hurting him, but this self-label of his is much worse.  As a human when you age you have to change with the time as well.  I’m not saying that labels are bad (although they don’t help), but what I’m saying is that you have to be ready for change, and you have to think:

What labels do you have that are there to make you look like an idea, like something you want to be rather than yourself?  Because if you have labels like that I want to push you to think about how labels like that are paper thin, and make it harder for you to be yourself.


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