The Lottery of Birth

Right before I started working on my book tonight I ran accross this movie called, “The Lottery of Birth.” I was expecting it to be directed towards people who have never questioned how things are different based on how and when you were born.  Even though it was it brought up enough interesting facts to keep my attention for about 3/4 of the movie.

*Depending on how and when you are born determines your genetics, parenting, upbringing, and faith.  That’s pretty obvious, and if the movie kept to that I would have only watched it for half a minute.

*Stockholms syndrome, or what I consider Advanced Stockholms Syndrome – people are trained to follow the guidelines of their culture.  They will learn to not only do what their parents tell them to do, or follow their bosses instructions, and buy into the credit system, but they will also learn to enjoy it.  They will learn to expect it, and will be scared if that system wasn’t there.  I wouldn’t say this makes them happy, but rather that it makes them comfortable.  People are willing to put up with a great deal of pain for long periods of time as long as it is within their comfort zone.

*So what am I getting at? In college one of my proffessors talked about how we wanted to push everyone to gain an education, and how he wanted to force (increase expectations) for everyone to gain a college education.  He pointed out how he thinks the society is better than those of the native americans and how we’re living longer and living better lives.  We have medicine we need to share and cultivate.  Having an education makes your life better, he said, and a life without an education is not as good.

I didn’t agree with this idea, and when instructed that I had to write a paper based on this argument I refuted his argument.  I was called stubborn, illmannered, and ignorant.

But let me explain:

You expect someone is going to be at your coffee shop making you coffee.  You expect a waitor at a high-class establishment, and you expect someone is going to deliver you a pizza.  Someone is going to have to reshelf the shelves at the grocery store, and someone is going to have to pick up the trash that you want to get rid of.

You want to force those people to get college degrees, and force onto them these jobs because they aren’t in a position to fight for the better jobs?  If you don’t agree then watch this movie.

*Money makes money – if you don’t have money to start with then you have to pay more.  Rich people pay less for rent, they don’t have to pay interest if they need a loan.  If they have less stress because they have backup money then they get sick less often.  They’re in less of a rush, and are willing to ask for more when there’s the potential to get more.  Raises/jobs/ect – they just have more confidence period.

Sure. Give them a fighting chance. Make, and force them to fight to try to better themselves. They will expect more though, and when they don’t gain what they expect then whose fault is it that they are in pain.  Theirs for not doing better on that test, not going the extra step?  Is it their fault for expecting too much?  I think people are expected to do too much, and that people don’t take into account happiness enough.

“Ok dude, way to be overdramatic, so what would you rather have us do.  We noticed this problem and dumbed down the education system.”  *Aww, you think I’m being a conspiracy theorist for saying that the education system is dumbed down purposefully.  Nah, I known I expect too much from people, and there is a genuine possibility that our leaders are stupid enough to not make the public education system more geared towards learning.

So what am I going to counter with?  What would I suggest?  A system where parents don’t raise children.  Trained teachers teach the children, and they are raised more equally. (Notice how I accept they will likely not get raised exactly the same, but they will have more of a fighting chance.)  Note the difference between having rich parents and poor parents can have a huge influence on your standards of living.  You don’t need a job if you make 100K/year in interest that was earned from someone who died a hundred years ago.

The incoming population can be controlled this way, and wealth doesn’t pool.

**Interested?  Have huge political ideas that you want to yell at me about? Good.


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