How You Think About Sin Influences Your Life

What do you think about sin?  What do you think of yourself when you sin?  I am personally saddened by this belief that humans are sinful corrupted creatures that cannot help themselves.  That it is taken for fact that they are tainted.  The following thoughts do not challenge this anti-human way of thought, but instead covers how it might be affecting your life, and potentially holding you back.

If you are doomed to sin, are you fully accepting responsibility for the sin?  You are going to do it eventually, and you will be forgiven for it.  It disturbs the balance because you are rewarded for doing the sin, but you are not punished.  Forgiveness of all evils done to you is a Christian characteristic, and this further punishes the victim.  It is accepted human nature to sin, and they are repenting.  The victim is the one who is doing wrong by not forgiving the person who is “trying their hardest” to repent.  So when you’re trying to not do a sin, just cave, the easiest path is to do the sin and repent.

Are you human if you don’t sin?  If it is corrupt human nature to sin, would you be considered human if you don’t sin?  And accept that you don’t sin?  To be a part of the group, to be one of the flawed group you also have to have flaws, even if you have to make them yourself.

Are you sinning in order to get closer to God?  It is certainly the easiest way to get attention.  You get the response: you are forgiven, God forgives you, and Jesus died for you so that your sins are forgiven.  Isn’t there a sense of feeling of respect and love when you sin because it connects you to the love of Jesus?  And what He was willing to do for you?

By forgiving all of your sins the message was intended to be fairly clear: Don’t stress out too much about what happens, and what you did.  Move on, and He is saying that it is ok to move on.  You are allowed to become a better person regardless of what you have done.  With an eternity coming it is humane to allow forgiveness so that someone is not eternally punished, but that is not the point.

The major consequence of this train of thought follows rather straightforward.  You are told that to be a member of Christianity you need to sin and repent for your sins.  This stops you from not sinning, this stops you from taking that last step.  That small difference between wishing and striving to be the person you want to be, and being that person.  Are you being taught that you can’t be this person that you want to be because you are Human, because you are flawed, because you’re not perfect enough?

I don’t like the word sin.  I don’t use it often, but here for nomenclature.  Saying that something is a sin degrades the act into something that can be forgiven with two words.  Forgive me.  It feels childish.


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