In my book the leader that is forming the new government is leaning towards isolationism.  He wants to build a government that is not corrupted by the outside world while not wanting to force the entire world to live as he feels is politically necessary.  Although his “power,” gives answers that are not possible otherwise, excess power alone does not mean that it is the correct path for eutopian government.  So the main problems with isolationism?

*As a citizen and you know another country is hurting you’ll likely want to go help them.  You’re likely to want to know if they’re hurting as well.

-Solved by telling the countries that you’re willing to help them reformat their government to match yours, but not forcing them to go along with it.  Just getting involved anyway is similar to the Christian Crusades.  Just because you feel like you are right does not mean you can impose those ideas.

*Wouldn’t people be upset that the government is holding back information, and about what is going on in the outside world?

-In theory those who are born to this type of government will find the outsiders strange rather than themselves, and there would be no need to hide information.

*How do you prevent another country from getting involved?

-Huge defenses that could also counter as offenses.  Power basically, if they attack you then you can attack them back.  So if you have power this isn’t an issue.

*Don’t exchange goods / information.  This could slow down growth.

-Nationalism.  Don’t feel the need to ask for help, and the nation as a whole would find a solution to their own problems.  It would slow the trade of information, and technology.  It depends on what the person prioritizes, and technology is not one in this situation.


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