Superbowl Pre-Gaming With 2015 Superbowl Commercials

For those that didn’t know, you can watch the upcomming superbowl adds right now!

But does this have any impact on the companies themselves?

Watching the adds before the game can leave a sense of “oh, wow this company is cheap and is re-using adds.”  “Old commercial, or boring already saw that.”

On such an expensive add day I think the way the companies have done it perfectly.

Consumers have to search for these adds before-hand which increases their investment into the commercials and also giving them more value.  This way when they see the commercial on the big day they enjoy watching it for a second time which re-enforces the product as well.  They get a sense of the time they had to invest to watch it before the game which sets them apart from those who did not.  This is different than having the commercial re-enforced with paid avertising that is pushed on the consumer.

Have fun watching the game everyone!  Consider pre-gaming with the commercials so that when the actual game is showing you don’t feel as bad walking away from the screen to re-fill.!


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