Reign: The Most Feminist TV Show Out There

There’s a difference between a feminist TV show, a TV show/movie that encourporates these aspects.  And then there’s Reign.  A show broadcasted with CWTV, a drama show from a company that has a large audience with people who watch scyfy dramas.  Obviuosly, I don’t watch every show and compare them, but out of every show I’ve ever seen Reign is the most inspiring.

The show may only be starting to bring up and show the problems involved with women during this time.  I’m seeing their strength, and I hope it continues as I expect it will.


Mary & Francis : Francis cheats on Mary “while they’re apart,” and he has a baby with another girl.  Francis does terrible things and pushes Mary away.  Perhaps with due reason, but in reality it is because he does not trust her.  Mary in the end is hurt, and no longer trusts or loves Francis.  Francis decides that she may no longer do as she wishes, and Mary’s mother insists that she needs to have a child with Francis as soon as possible in order to maintain her throne.  In response Mary decides that she will not allow other people to control her life, and she will do as she pleases.  With a strategic plan of her own rather than just tossing everything aside. Very impowering.

Greer & Aloysius Castleroy : Castleroy accidentally funds an assasination attempt, they remain quiet and are banished from the castle.  There’s no sign of Castleroy in the show, but we may see Greer becomming a pimp.  Going to have to see what happens.

Kenna, Antoine, & Sebastian : Sebastion has a duty to the kind and the country where he goes around saving people.  Yay for the people, but he keeps on leaving Kenna alone, and expecting her to wait for him.  Kenna has just been given an opportunity to leave Sebastian to become a Queen.  I do hope, regardless of whether Antoine is doing this purposefully or not, that Kenna leaves Sebastian.  Sit around and wait for me, do nothing while I’m gone, my priorities should be yours.  As long as Kenna doesn’t ask forgiveness from Sebastian when Antoine’s plan unfolds.  I’ll be happy.

Lola.  The only one who has had a child with the king.  Who is expected to sit around as the prince’s mother and do nothing else.  Who has Narcisse there waiting to give her strength.  She should take it.  I really do like Narcisse, although his morals could do with a little touching up when it comes to religious tolerance.

Claude.  I’ll do as I please, you’re not allowed to get rid of me for being alive like some unwanted vegetable.  This may make her appear like a brat, but she’s immediately forgiven by me for anything considering that not a single soul deserves her affection.  If they did they could earn it.  (Poor Kenna though, she was the closest one to being able to form a bond, but theirs would be the hardest to make concerning the circumstances..)



I decided last night before going to sleep that I wanted to recognize I was asleep and create a lucid dream at will.  Well it worked out, and while one dream scenario became unrealistic I recognized I was asleep.  I grabbed hold of the dream and walked down the street.

Everything got a bit hazy, and I could not stay asleep, and when I woke up I my entire body was numb.  I had fallen off the bed while asleep, and my brain was not getting enough oxygen.  Worried about my life, I was barely able to push myself to the side. My entire body started to get numb from the blood rushing to my head.  I tried to stay awake but I slowly fell asleep.

And then I actually woke up, in my actual bed.  Maybe my dreams are trying to warn me from lucid dreaming?  Nah.! Stop worrying so much subconscious, maybe I’ll try tying myself to the bed so it stops worrying so much.  I hardly ever move when asleep anyway, and that’s not only because doing so would wake up my cats, I prefer to sleep with pressure/

DJ #12 – The Animated Fight

We walk into our room. (A room we’ve rented, like in a house). And walk down the hallway. We need to take a shower, and I suggest taking a shower together. (We don’t). We just swam or something that makes it so we’re required to for some health reason. Walking down the hallway there are a good amount of showers 5-7, but I still walk out of the room and go for a walk to … Look for more. The toilet in our room is connected to a public bath. I see kids all over the place which are of the similar family beach to the girl I’m with. (Although we’re visiting?)

I don’t give up, but I decide I don’t have to be too shy to use the public toilet, which I do. Even though they’re connected, it’s just like a peeping Tom connection where they could have just built a wall- instead there’s an elevation difference.

I go back to our bedroom where I cuddle up with the darlying cute girl.

The second time I use the restroom, there’s one male in the public bath, and he shows a sign of insult indicating that their race shouldn’t be mixing with outside blood- me.

The imaginative me is a little aggressive, so I jumped down into the bath and killed him. (Overdone much & how did naked people get dressed so fast, and weapons just appeared?)

I didn’t want to kill any girls, so I stalled.

The scenery changes, and became more of a strategic fight with dragons shooting fire everywhere. They don’t know quite where to aim. This fight was generated for a group of fighters rather than just one, and they couldn’t locate me.  I wasn’t worried about the girl I brought with me because she infiltrated the place with me, and this was planned, and she could take care of herself.

(Backstory: in a video game I can solo dungeons, but there’s also challenges like kill this monster last- and I’ve lost fights by “stalling”- like the girl from above.)

So I lost but the dream didn’t end there.  Another asain friend of mine was staying in another roomwith her boyfriend, and I asked her what she was doing.  There were boards up, like qualifications, that she was looking at.  She hits a couple buttons on the right side of the pannel.  A certain rank lets you buy different meals. (she’s, of course, the highest rank).  She orders them all because why not?  When we die we die, and if we win we get a gold amount. (Even though we’ve already lost?… Guess it’s like a video game where you get to try more than once.)

And that’s where it ends, because I wanted to see my girl, and the best way to find her requires being awake.

The Pretend Man Experiment

What if God, or some other being, invented and placed pretend beings that are meant to challange our reactions, teach us a lesson, ect.  I guess to an extent this might include “pretend” history that is taken at truth.

That God isn’t allowing people to be hurt since they don’t actually exist, or that people like Hitler weren’t actually a person but someone who was created to perform acts in order to push us towards a certain direction.

This idea is obviously self-centric since it denies the existance of others.  To the extreme it would state that your entire life is a fabricated test.  It puts all of those “why/how could someone do that” momments into a new light.

It Makes Me Stronger When I Hurt You

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this girl.  During half of the day I like her, and the other half I don’t know.  I tend to make up excuses, probably because I’m afraid to admitt that I like someting.  It gives them power to hurt me.

I needed an introduction because she has been reading my blog posts.  Don’t date a blogger and think you won’t be blogged about.  Actually, I only keep personal information to myself and that makes basically everything fair game to … the world.  That probably places her in danger since she doesn’t even like facebook since it allows people to poke into her business.

With that aside, wrote a blog post that reminded me a bit about my past.

There was this girl I met in Community College who I started to gain interest in. She invited me to some church events of hers, and I excitedly showed my interest.  A few days went by, and I didn’t hear anything back from her.  Nothing was wrong at school, and I decided not to push it any further.

A week later and a mutual friend of ours asked me out.  I went out on a date because I didn’t know how to say no, and I somewhat got angry at her because I blamed her for what I took as her telling her friend to back off.  After the date I avoided her, took a later bus home (met her at the bus stop).  Apparently she had my phone number, I’m not really sure where she got it, but I didn’t quite care.  I didn’t have a cell phone at the time, and I after telling my mom I wasn’t going to answer the phone she stopped even telling me that this girl kept calling.  (Didn’t find out until after months after this next event – I just thought it was random coincidence.)

I sat down into my seat on the bus and she came onto the bus and sat down next to me.  My eyes glaze over.  She talked about this near life experience she had, and how this has pushed her to fight for everything that she wants.  About how she won’t let life just pass her by.  So why does this matter?  Because I like you.

I start to form a smile.  The rush of being strong enough to express myself made me… happy. “I don’t like you like that.  I’m not really interested in dating.”

“It’s ok, we can just be friends.”

“I’m not interested in being friends.”

This has happened more than just this one time.  Like when this girl tried to tell me how my advice wasn’t helping her.  I was giving her job hunting advice tips.  I don’t traditionally do the whole “oh that sucks” and then not give any input.  Although trying that with her resulted in a “that isn’t helping.”  Oh, well those are my words.

“Fuck you.”(Both texts are hers)

“Why do you think so little of me? Of course I’ve tried that, why the fuck does everyone keep trying to tell me what to do.”  And then something about belittling what she’s going through.

Probably shouldn’t be smiling when the girl you like just cursed you out. Confrontations give me a sick pleasure.  Not backing down means everything.

“I’m Easy to Please” – The Loss of “The Chase”

I was guilty of this in the past and I knew it killed my desireability, but it didn’t hit home until I went on a few dates with someone who had this same personality.

By saying that you’re easy to please, you don’t have any dealbreakers, you can be easily enterained, you’re up for anything… I’m not saying it comes off as desperate, but instead as accepting and open.

However, you don’t have much of a personality.  Instead the focus is on making sure they don’t feel rejected even if it comes at the cost of being rejected yourself.

When you first start to get to know someone, especially if sexually or romantically attracted to them you become interested in their lives and what they enjoy, and all the little stuff.  Someone who has no specific interests can be seen as bland/boring.  Instead the focus of the relationship quickly is directed away from other activities to sex.  Not because either person is shallow, but because it is the only thing they have to offer.

Also, it forces the other person is expected to make all the moves, determine the speed of escalation, ect.  And for a guy this can be an issue since the guy is the one who is culturally responsible.  For a girl they’ve got more options in this field. Since this easy to please person appears to be going simply through the motions (you’re taking them to things you like to do), it can feel like they’re waiting for you to escalate to sex.

So in my situation the gut induced obvious move is to invite her back to my place. I don’t have an issue with sex.  I’d be all for renting a room in a hotel, flowers, candles.  I could make it fairly romantic.  For lack of knowing what she enjoys she has a great and entertaining personality.  My issue is with letting her into my space.  My safe spot that I walk into after pretending to be human for a long day and curl in a corner and wait for the pain to subside.  I don’t trust her enough yet.

I feel as though it would be a loss for us both if I just complained, said it was over, that I’m not ready for a relationship (probably aren’t).  It would also make me a fool if I left as some sort of way to do her a favor.  So what do I want?  I want to know what she enjoys, and if she doesn’t know yet that’s even better.  I told her “easy to please” just makes everything more of a challange.  What’s one more impossible challange?  I’ll take them all on.