Dream Journal #8 – Dream Manipulation

So… I noticed something weird in my dream, of which I forgot the exact details of.  It set me off with wanting to take in the lucid dream rather than ending it, which was awesome.  I was surprised how lucid I was, and how close I knew I was to being awake.  This makes me curious how the different levels of REM sleep, and how deep the sleep is changes lucid dreaming.

As soon as I recognized the dream as lucid it began it’s usual spinning as if everything was going out of control, but I really wanted to see color.  I love seeing color in my mind, so I pulled in and saw an entire landscape of color in a way that reminded me of the avatar cartoon.

I pulled out onto this rock, and my cats showed up.  Perfect 3D shapes.

I spent a lot of time trying to push things into existance until I started to irrationally worry that I was moving in the real world.  I checked on myself like I knew I could.  I did not lose touch of the dream until I oppened my eyes.  I really need to learn to trust sleep paralysis, although it doesn’t help that  I can so easily slip into and out of sleep.

The two dreams together consisted of me being asleep for 40-50 minutes.  Although I was lucid longer than usual, it did only last … 5 minutes tops.  I should start out with just going for a walk or something simple and enjoyable like that rather than just pushing it as hard as I can until it breaks…


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