Discussion of the Crucifiction of Jesus

A friend of mine said that if he knew he was the son of God, was going to be resurrected, and given eternal honor the feat isn’t that big of a deal- he would be willing to do it as well. Even the pain of it is understandable- and doesn’t make that big of a difference.

Jesus is spoken of in such grace, grace that would only be understandable if he created the exchange himself. Like how anyone could create something that is already made, but the honor is given to the one that comes up with the idea themself.

“And he came back to life,” as though he was able to do that himself without outside Godly help.

I don’t have many personal opinions on the matter besides why can’t I repent for my own sins, why do I have to be saved. It is a enslaving idea meant to creat dues and owes that are meant to make the person more humble as though it is some type of manipulation. Although I can understand the human nature to save others by taking the punishment oneself.

All I know is I’d jump on the opportunity to be crusified in the way He was. And that unfortunately makes it hard to appreciate what He did to the degree of honor He is given.


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