Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Some say that the biggest problem our generation faces is the dangers of falling into the comfort zone.  Simple, easy job tha doesn’t pay well, but pays enough.  Internet, TV, video games, enough entertainment to keep you entertained.  It’s not that there is less of a push to do more, achieve more – I think people are just less bored, and are pushed to succeed less as a generation.  Just surviving is accepted as an achievement, and if you’re just surviving you’re successful opposed to in the past generations where to succeed you had to have a high paying job.

*In a more personal note, a personal comfort zone is something that holds you down, and holds you away from what you’re capable of achieving.  A comfort zone can be extremely painful, and may include abusive boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and other people.  You accept the situation similar, but not, to that of a stockholm’s syndrome.  You know how to deal with the pain, and even though it’s painful it’s familiar.  The familiarity is comfortable.  You hold onto the familiarity, you hold onto the comfort, and you’re afraid to change.  The unknown is what scares you to death, and keeps you holding onto your comfort zone.

When I moved to college I couldn’t leave my room for the first few days.  I was scared to death, I was hundreds of miles away from everything that I knew, my funding was reduced a week before college started, and I was all on my own.

Don’t get me wrong- my latest job was a step up. If I could stay for years, decades, then I might stay around while I keep myself entertained, and happy enough.  Even if the job was dull, boring, uninteresting, had zero chance of advancement, or challenge it would be comfortable. I would know I wanted more for myself, and might even work on doing that over time, but it would be comfortable to know I didn’t have to.  If the job was there to rely on, even if it’s full of drama and people you dislike, it gives a reason to place aside your aspirations and relax.  You’re constantly congradulated on surviving.  Just being able to hold any job is a big deal, and you’re not an overachiever so there’s no need to overachieve.  What you have is enough.


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