Motion, Time, and the Bar of Mis-Balance

Time is what I regard as the greatest healer of all things.  Time will heal both physical and emotional wounds, and if used right can help you achieve your goals.  However, that is only if time is used in the right way.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that things in motion will stay in motion.  But how does this apply to time?  Well our world doesn’t like change, and has forces that accelerate actions rather than slowing them down.  Nature does balance, but it only balances when it already has a policy in plan that catches hold and pushes the force back into place.  If nature doesn’t have a policy in place to fix your problem then you should not expect your problem to go away with time.  You have to grab hold of the problem and push it back into the desired direction.

*The body has different types of fat cells, and there are different ways to burn fat.  White fat cells, Brown fat cells, appetite, metabolism.  As you gain more weight your body gets used to gaining weight, and burning off that weight becomes harder.  The farther you have spiraled the harder it will be to push the balance back to the other direction.

*Depression / SH / Addiction :  Once you’ve hit rock bottom, then you have nothing to lose.  Whenever anything bad happens you will have feelings and thoughts in your head that someone else would not have to endure.  Unlike them you don’t have to be curious if it works, how it works, if it’s safe enough, how to do it.  It’s as if you weren’t fixed well in the first place.

Don’t despair.  If all of these works in bad ways why wouldn’t they also work in good ways as well?

*The more money you have the easier it is to make money.  Investing, security, ect.  If you can buy a house you are investing in real estate rather than paying someone else rent.  If you can pay off your car & student loans you don’t pay interest.

*Being happy releases hormones that keep stress and anxiety at bay.  You will get sick less often, and you will have to deal with less problems.

*The one bad thing that could ruin your day becomes simply a slight obsticle.  you can just deal with it, and then move on with your day.

*You will be more fun to be around.  People prefer being around happy people, and they prefer to help out happy people.  People prefer to be with happier people.

Keep this in mind when you go about your day.  Your choice is yours to make, and I am not one to judge you for how you live your life.  I would just like you to be aware that with every action you make you are making a choice concerning which direction this bar of “mis-balance” is headed in.


One thought on “Motion, Time, and the Bar of Mis-Balance

  1. Maybe there is someone that is having a bad day and they have to work aside you, you don’t have a choice of being and staying positive and happy. Negativity is most of the time easier to be in the state of mind. Or easier to change into. Positivity takes effort and time and thoughts become harder to over power. Choices are to be made, but not easy and the negative influence is easier to deal with… it’s easy to feel sorry for someone or let them talk, sometimes it’s a good thing to ask “what’s wrong?” So they can talk it out. And if you are the type to state your opinion, then they might need it or learn something from your words or helps them think. Otherwise they might stop talking to you and you don’t have to deal with a negative situation with them, working in silence is sometimes good…


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