Police Raid Leaves Child Hurt and Family With $Million in Medical Bills

Cops started a drug raid into a building, and with the start of the entry they tossed a flash gernade into the house before entering.


There is a petition asking for $1Million asking for the county to pay for the medical bills.

They claim:

  • Evidence of children

There was no evidence of children.  There was no bicycles, toys outside, ect.  They had previously entered into the house and there were no children there.

  • Wrong house

Previously entered into the house.  There were drugs being sold out of the house? Previously entered for guns, and they even found some.

The baby’s craddle was located right next to the front door.  And not just right next to the front door, but close enough to block it from being pushed in.

Resources used to gather an opinion:

So let’s get this straight.  They claim this house was chosen randomly and wrongly even though they have a blood connection to the nephew who was staying only a couple houses away.  Also, this house was previously entered for weapons, with some weapons obtained.

The front door was giving resistance.  And informants gave information concerning armed guards.  It is likely these guards might have existed and did not stay there – for the dealer didn’t stay there either.  Don’t deal where you live kind of thing?

It’s a tough situation.  The cops made a call that I do not blame them for doing.  Their evidence and train of thought makes sense.  You can’t particularily punish cops for making the correct, although unforunate call.

As for the $Million.  If the parents were uninvolved, taking away the child may be over the top severe, but handing out this much money might feel as though they are funding or supporting drug lords.  They have an informant who just bought drugs at this house.

Do you, would you, keep a child’s pen right in front of the entrance to your home?

On the flip side, if you ever raid my place, cops, make sure to cover the entrances and knock first.  I mean, seriously, if I own a gun and some random guy just knocked down my door I wouldn’t just leave the gun alone and say, “oh hey, I’ll assume it’s just cops and that everything is O.K.”


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