Dream Journal #9 – Is it Real or Not?

I talked with this wonderful girl on Friday, and we had a short converstaion about lucid dreams.  She talked about being able to decide on the dream, change it while dreaming as she fit.  Ending the dream/ect.  Also, she spoke  of how when she dreamed it was the same as if she was awake, and sometimes would be unable to determine if it actually happened or not.  (Not every dream is lucid.)

Now I have this same problem, moreso now because I’ve been messing around with it.  So lately I’ve had some momments where I’ve thought… did that actually happen?

I’ve realized that I do dream like a normal person, which may be why it is developing so fast.  The problem that I have is holding onto it, and this makes me feel as though it is a memory problem.  It is something I’ve had to deal with in school.  As soon as I close my eyes I do not see any color, any shapes, or extra features such as hair.  I just focus so hard that I lose the details.

And so even though I may not dream with perfect-ness, the memories of the dreams themselves are at the same level as my other memories.

So my dream studies are helping my memory?  Success!

It just has to be noted that when pursueing an enlightenment in your dream state that you will encounter dreams that are so lifelike that they can be remembered as actual events.  It’s something that will occur, and needs to be taken into consideration as you decide whether to pursue this type of thing or not.  For me it’s worth it.


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