Growing Up Without Parents

Why just disregard the parent /child system?  Surely it is not broken in iteslf, and family is a bond that can’t compare to anything else.

*Parenting is a joy in itself.  Why refute a person’s right to have a child of their own?

If you don’t grow up being taught tht your life isn’t fullfillned until you reproduce then chances are you won’t feel the need to.  For those who need to nurture something that is theirs: Get a pet.  The people who have the stronger urges, and feel the need to have children should be the ones who work with them.  In this situation they can chose to take on the responsibility that can handle, and it will be considered more of a proffession than something that keeps them from attaining their proffession.

*The love and joy of a parent cannot be replaced.  Surely  the system that replaces it would be cold, and would not have the same amount of love and nurturing.

Parenting comes at the cost of the child.  The child is expected to live with inexperienced people during their most impretionable years.  And if the parent is experienced then they will likely have to fight to attain affection.  If they don’t have the fighting personality then they will likely not have open communication and trust with their parents.=The soluation is not communal children, but rather a more advanced school system that is built to teach them what they need to know while in an environment that teaches them how to interact in the society.

~The main problem that we face as a culture is that children in similar situations will either feel rejected as if their parents don’t want them, and that they don’t belong.  They aren’t the same as other kids because other kids have parents.  If all kids are raised the same then it’s not that they don’t know better – but that they aren’t raised believing that the other kids have something that they should want more than anything else.


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