The Pretend Man Experiment

What if God, or some other being, invented and placed pretend beings that are meant to challange our reactions, teach us a lesson, ect.  I guess to an extent this might include “pretend” history that is taken at truth.

That God isn’t allowing people to be hurt since they don’t actually exist, or that people like Hitler weren’t actually a person but someone who was created to perform acts in order to push us towards a certain direction.

This idea is obviously self-centric since it denies the existance of others.  To the extreme it would state that your entire life is a fabricated test.  It puts all of those “why/how could someone do that” momments into a new light.


2 thoughts on “The Pretend Man Experiment

  1. Suppose this was true, what do you think the ratio of humans to “pretenders” would be?
    How would I know if I was a pretender? Should I consider myself just a fragmentation of injustice to test humanity?


    • Injustice… The idea is that you are the center, and the only one existing. Everyone else is pretend and not some sort of AI that has expressions and thoughts.

      Any torture and crime witnessed were staged to create or determine a reaction. No one was actually evil, and the victim did not actually have to experience pain. This way the more severe ways of evil can be taught without allowing victims.

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