DJ #12 – The Animated Fight

We walk into our room. (A room we’ve rented, like in a house). And walk down the hallway. We need to take a shower, and I suggest taking a shower together. (We don’t). We just swam or something that makes it so we’re required to for some health reason. Walking down the hallway there are a good amount of showers 5-7, but I still walk out of the room and go for a walk to … Look for more. The toilet in our room is connected to a public bath. I see kids all over the place which are of the similar family beach to the girl I’m with. (Although we’re visiting?)

I don’t give up, but I decide I don’t have to be too shy to use the public toilet, which I do. Even though they’re connected, it’s just like a peeping Tom connection where they could have just built a wall- instead there’s an elevation difference.

I go back to our bedroom where I cuddle up with the darlying cute girl.

The second time I use the restroom, there’s one male in the public bath, and he shows a sign of insult indicating that their race shouldn’t be mixing with outside blood- me.

The imaginative me is a little aggressive, so I jumped down into the bath and killed him. (Overdone much & how did naked people get dressed so fast, and weapons just appeared?)

I didn’t want to kill any girls, so I stalled.

The scenery changes, and became more of a strategic fight with dragons shooting fire everywhere. They don’t know quite where to aim. This fight was generated for a group of fighters rather than just one, and they couldn’t locate me.  I wasn’t worried about the girl I brought with me because she infiltrated the place with me, and this was planned, and she could take care of herself.

(Backstory: in a video game I can solo dungeons, but there’s also challenges like kill this monster last- and I’ve lost fights by “stalling”- like the girl from above.)

So I lost but the dream didn’t end there.  Another asain friend of mine was staying in another roomwith her boyfriend, and I asked her what she was doing.  There were boards up, like qualifications, that she was looking at.  She hits a couple buttons on the right side of the pannel.  A certain rank lets you buy different meals. (she’s, of course, the highest rank).  She orders them all because why not?  When we die we die, and if we win we get a gold amount. (Even though we’ve already lost?… Guess it’s like a video game where you get to try more than once.)

And that’s where it ends, because I wanted to see my girl, and the best way to find her requires being awake.


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