I decided last night before going to sleep that I wanted to recognize I was asleep and create a lucid dream at will.  Well it worked out, and while one dream scenario became unrealistic I recognized I was asleep.  I grabbed hold of the dream and walked down the street.

Everything got a bit hazy, and I could not stay asleep, and when I woke up I my entire body was numb.  I had fallen off the bed while asleep, and my brain was not getting enough oxygen.  Worried about my life, I was barely able to push myself to the side. My entire body started to get numb from the blood rushing to my head.  I tried to stay awake but I slowly fell asleep.

And then I actually woke up, in my actual bed.  Maybe my dreams are trying to warn me from lucid dreaming?  Nah.! Stop worrying so much subconscious, maybe I’ll try tying myself to the bed so it stops worrying so much.  I hardly ever move when asleep anyway, and that’s not only because doing so would wake up my cats, I prefer to sleep with pressure/


2 thoughts on “DJ#13

  1. The whole time reading this I was thinking, Oh snap you’re still in the dream! What if the fact that your mind recognized you were dreaming made another part of your brain try to trick you even further. Or maybe you thinking you were lucid dreaming was actually just a part of the dream that had been intended the whole time.

    Once I had a dream that really freaked me out because I was lying in my bed talking to someone sitting in a chair and suddenly made a coherent connection that scared me and made me wake up- in the same position I was in the dream. Before I was completely asleep I remember saying something to someone because I thought there was someone in my room… Then while in my dream talking to someone I realized they were the person that I’d sensed before I fell asleep. Weird. Also weird because I connected the dream to something before the dream.

    I’ve never “woken up” twice like you though!

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    • I find that things I think about right before falling asleep have the biggest impact on what I dream about. Like whether my cats are sleeping next to me, or if they even come up next to me while I’m asleep. Changes in environment while you sleep also seem to play a factor, but my environment doesn’t change much (besides the cats) so I can’t comment much.

      I’ve had spirals where I’ve “woken up” five times in a row. As you can immagine keeping calm in situations like that are basically a requirement.

      I find that I still forget the majority of my dreams the instant I wake up. Like how until my dream exercising I wasn’t even aware I could dream in pictures or color. So far I can still tell the difference between being asleep and awake that way; with me wondering what I dreamt of and having to pull it back into memory.


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